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New Clank
demon clank
Clank the killer hedgehog
What happens if I press this?
Clank's very own Chocolate Bar!
OMG, it's Clank!
~Tronic and Klaris~
All my male friends
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Gaara kills Barney
Bart Kills Barney
The Problem With Hyper Sonic
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The fans pick: She's Jealous
She's Jealous
She hates him for no reason
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Clank The Hedgehog Wall

NyanTehCat said …
Awesome character , his designs are superior Posted over a year ago
shadowninja2 commented…
*raises hand* I AGREE! I AGREE! XD over a year ago
clank123 commented…
lol Thanks XD over a year ago
NyanTehCat commented…
XD over a year ago
Sara-light said …
Hey! Cool character :) Posted over a year ago
clank123 commented…
Thanks ^^ over a year ago
Vivi-the-Hedgie said …
i've seen that video the problem with htper sonic on youtube Posted over a year ago
clank123 commented… your point is? over a year ago
clank123 commented…
:3 over a year ago
Vivi-the-Hedgie commented…
i feel happy now... over a year ago