I decided it was time someone wrote the list for saddest disney moments, so here goes. Someone else wrote the same article that I completely disagreed with (half the moments were from the little mermaid) so I decided it was time for me to write my own article. Disney is known to make people laugh and cheer, but also for making people depressed and making them cry. I have cried at numerous disney films, because all of them have their sad moments. Some of my choices may surprise you. Disney is famous for it's sad moments, but to me, none are more sad then the following list. I hope you like my article!

10. Megara dies to save Hercules
I think what's most painful about this is knowing that Megara had just been given her freedom, and still sacrificed her life to save Hercules. She's the only one of the disney heroines who actually dies for real, and sadder even is Hercules crying at her death, because she had just told him she was in love with him.

9.Bambi's mother dies
This scene is incredibly depressing because Bambi's mother knows she's going to get shot. She keeps yelling for Bambi to run and not to look back. Then Bambi, once he has made it to safety, keeps running around and yelling for his mother.

8. Eric leaves Ariel
What's sad about this scene is how hard Ariel has worked to get Eric, and he leaves her for Vanessa (Ursula in disguise), because he is hypnotized by Vanessa's voice, which is actually Ariel's. What's worse is Ariel can't do speak up for herself and now is doomed to being one of Ursula's seaweed things at the bottom of the ocean, never getting the life she has wanted.

7. Moments of Fox and the Hound
There's a lot of sad moments in fox and the hound that collaborate to make number ten. First, when Copper tells Tod he can't be friends anymore. Then when Tod is left alone in the woods. Finally at the end when you hear their voices echoing that they'll be friends forever when they can never be friends again.

6. Shang's death
This moment didn't happen until Mulan 2, which a lot of you may have not seen. Mulan and Shang had broken up at this point and were not on speaking terms. They are ambushed and Mulan and Shang are hanging off a rope on a bridge over a canyon. The rope is starting to break because it can't hold both their weights, so Shang lets go to save Mulan, even though they are no longer together. Shang's sacrifice is so sad, and it's even sadder when Mulan is sobbing and screaming "SHANG!" while stabbing his sword into the ground.

5. Kerchak dies
This scene is very upsetting because until this moment. Kerchack has not treated Tarzan like his son. It is not until he dies that Tarzan earns Kerchak's respect, and Kerchak calls Tarzan his son just before dying. It's an extremely bittersweet moment.

4. The Beast dies
First the Beast lets Belle go, then he dies because of Belle showing him to the town through the mirror to protect her father. Belle feels she is responsible for the Beast's death, who she also realizes she loves. To lose someone who has sacrificed so much for you is a terrible thing to go through, and I admit I cry like a baby whenever I watch this scene.

3. John Smith leaves
Pocahontas and John fell in love and worked hard for their people to get along and achieved this, only to have John get shot in the end. This means John has to leave, and Pocahontas and John can't be together. This is the only disney princess sad moment that doesn't turn out happy in the end, leaving anyone who watches it depressed right after, amidst the swirling leaves and dramatic music. (hey, at least we still get a dramatic steamy makeout kiss to help ease the sting!)

2. Quasimodo is pelted and abused at the Feast of Fools.
I didn't see this movie until I was about fourteen, and this has got to be the most dark and depressing movie disney has made. Frollo is the most evil disney villain, torturing Quasimodo until the point where Quasimodo cowers and shuts down whenever Frollo is around. But the worst moment had to be at the Feast of Fools where Quasimodo was tied down and had food thrown at him while crying out for Frollo to help him. But Frollo just turns away and Quasimodo is continued to be abused. Then when he is finally set free he has to run back through the crowd back into the building and the whole crowd backs away in disgust. He cries the whole walk back. I can't imagine what it's like to have a whole town of people look at you like a monster, especially since in his 20 years of being alive he has never been outside the cathedral he lives in. I cried at this scene more than any other disney scene, EVER.

1. Mufasa dies
Though this may be no surprise to most of you that this is number one, it's undeniable that this is the saddest disney movie moment. As a kid this was the only disney scene I teared up at, and had I seen it for the first time as an adult I probably would have cried for days. Simba's father not only dies, Simba also believes he is responsible for his own father's death. Simba is then forced to run away and never return home, where he lives a life of freedom, but at the cost of extreme sadness and losing everything that was once dear to him. There's nothing sadder than losing a family member and being exiled for his death, especially when you and everyone else believes you caused their demise.