30. Savages - Pocahontas
Really great song. It shows both sides of a war and how the two groups are thinking similar thoughts about each other. The lyrics blatantly show the insanity of racism and how wrong it is to judge others because they aren't like yourself. Plus, it's really catchy and I sing it in the shower.
29. Once Upon A Dream - Sleeping Beauty
Great, romantic duet. Really cute how Aurora sings it with her friends and then her dream prince joins her and surprises her. The scene where they dance and you see their reflections in the lake always makes me feel good inside. I love this song and always have.
28. The Bells Of Notre Dame - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The score of this song is so epic and haunting, truly one of Disney's best musical scores. The lyrics: "What makes a monster and what makes a man"...Everytime I hear Clopin sing that part, I get chills.
27. Stories - Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas
This is such an amazing song! I love how Belle sings it and explains her love of reading. It is truly an underrated song, more people should listen to it because it is incredible! Especially for a straight-to-video sequel.
26. Just Around The Riverbend - Pocahontas
This scene always thrilled me as a child. Pocahontas was just such an awesome girl. She had her own dreams and wanted to follow her own path and not be married off to someone who isn't a free-spirit like herself. I doubt I could sing this wonderfully while canoeing through rapids and over a waterfall.
25. A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes - Cinderella
I love this song. Cinderella keeps hope and faith even through a life of sadness which is pretty inspiring. She really manages to stay positive and gentle even in the worst of circumstances. I commend her for that. Plus, the song is sung beautifully.
24. God Help The Outcasts - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Damn, this is really deep for a Disney song. It's got a slow, heartwrenching score and truly beautiful lyrics. Esmeralda is this gorgeous gypsy who wants more than anything for God to help her people. All the others in the church pray for their own well-being and needs while she asks only for selfless things.
23. Almost There - The Princess and the Frog
Wow, I really was impressed with this song. Tiana has a really gorgeous voice and this song is both inspiring and uplifting while still having that classic Disney feel. I really like Newman's music in this scene and the animation change was really cool.
22. A Star Is Born - Hercules
Most people go for Zero To Hero as their favourite song by the muses but I personally love this one. Somehow, the scene makes me tear up when Phil sees Hercules' painting of stars in the sky. So sweet and a really upbeat, catchy tune. Gotta love the music in this film.
21. You'll Be In My Heart - Tarzan
A really touching song about the love between a mother and her son. Even though Tarzan isn't her biological son and is very different from herself, Kala loves him more than anything and promises to have him in his heart always. Truly lovely.
20. Be Our Guest - Beauty and the Beast
Mrs. Potts rocks. Even Cogsworth is cool...but man, Lumiere is the shit. I'm sorry, that's all I can say to describe him. I literally wanted to be a candle-holder so I could sing this song the way he does. Just thinking about it gets the tune stuck in my head!
19. I'll Make A Man Out Of You - Mulan
This song gets stuck in my head so often it's not funny. All the supporting characters have funny lines and the scene also kicks butt because it shows Mulan becoming a more and more talented soldier. I love this song!
18. The Bare Necessities - The Jungle Book
Baloo is pretty much one of the coolest characters Disney ever made. This song is catchy, fun, upbeat and has a really fun outlook on life. I'm not surprised Mowgli admires Baloo, I would too! He's so rad.
17. I Won't Say I'm In Love - Hercules
This song rocks. Meg is super sassy and totally in denial while the amazingly voiced muses try to get her to fess up...she has fallen for Hercules. A sweet note at the end when Meg acknowledges her feelings at last.
16. Belle Reprise - Beauty and the Beast
Although this song is very quickly gone, I just love it. Belle truly inspires me in this scene because she is so different and unique in her longing for more than being someone's "little wife." Besides, the long shot of her running on the hilltop with the epic music takes my breath away.
15. Reflection - Mulan
Short but sweet, this song tells us how Mulan feels as a vibrant young woman trapped in a sexist time. She longs to show her true colours and be herself, which was unheard of during that time. An sad song that makes us all the more happier for her when she succeeds in the end.
14. Under The Sea - The Little Mermaid
Not the best song in The Little Mermaid but one of Disney itself's finest. Really clever lyrics and a musical score that makes you want to dance the night away. Definitely a hallmark Disney song that deserves every bit of its praise.
13. Someday My Prince Will Come - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Disney' first princess, who has the most adorable pinchable cheeks of all the princesses, sings about her dream of her true love carrying her away to his castle where they will live happily. This song really makes you root for the little princess and is very beautiful.
12. I Just Can't Wait To Be King - The Lion King
Everybody look left, everybody look right! Everywhere you look I'm standing spotlight! Mischevious young Simba and his best bud Nala dream about Simba's future power in an adorable and catchy tune that has always been one of my favourite scenes.
11. Out There - The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The song starts out deeply heartbreaking while Frollo brainwashes Quasimodo into thinking he is a monster...but turns quickly into an epic inspirational one when Quasi reveals his dream of joining the citizens of Paris. Great vocals by Quasi and great music by Menken.
10. Friend Like Me - Aladdin
Robin Williams is a comic genius and so is this song he performs in Aladdin. This scene is just so freaking entertaining and the song itself so upbeat and catchy, pretty much everyone remembers it.
9. Something There - Beauty and the Beast
One of the sweetest scenes in Disney history, no girl can watch it without falling for the Beast and no boy can watch it without falling for Belle. They are such a cute couple and this song is so beautiful. When Belle sings behind the tree is still one of my favourite Disney moments ever.
8. Kiss The Girl - The Little Mermaid
This song is such a catchy, fun tune and honestly, who doesn't love Sebastian the Jamaican crab? He is quite honestly one of the most lovable sidekicks Disney has ever given us. Another great thing about this song is it builds up to this epic moment, only so the eels can ruin it by flipping the boat.
7. Colors Of The Wind - Pocahontas
Need I say more? This is one of Disney's finest both musically and lyrically. Pocahontas straight up tells John Smith that he is the savage if he remains ignorant and unaware of nature's beauty. The song also speaks out about race and tolerance.
6. The Circle Of Life - The Lion King
A brilliant piece of music written by Elton John. This song sings about all of us. It talks about the basic fact that life is a great circle we must travel and how we all have our own struggles to overcome and goals to accomplish. This song is just wonderful.
5. Feed The Birds - Mary Poppins
Not gonna lie: I cry every single time I watch this scene or hear this song. It's a beautiful, slightly haunting lullaby that Mary sings to the children reminding them never to think less of people who seem unimportant or not worth your time. She reminds them to listen to the voice of the little old bird woman because she has something very important to say...though her words are simple and few.
4. Go The Distance - Hercules
This song is so inspiring. Hercules is one of the coolest Disney movies ever made and it truly has fantastic music...but this song is the best in the film in my opinion. The leading man reveals his longing to find where he belongs and how far he'll go to get there. Beautiful music, beautiful lyrics.
3. Beauty and the Beast
This is one of my all-time favourite Disney songs. It just gives everyone who listens to it warm and fuzzies. The ballroom scene is beautifully animated and the song tells the tale as old as time...from the perspective of a singing tea-pot. Love it!
2. A Whole New World - Aladdin
Such a romantic and exciting song, it's just so unbelievably fantastic. This scene is so beautiful, I love it and have always wanted my own magic carpet because of it. Aladdin and Jasmine really connect through this song, both needing freedom and love.
1. Part Of Your World - The Little Mermaid
My absolute favourite Disney song. It is the one that I honestly never get tired of singing and have been singing constantly since I first saw The Little Mermaid which is my all-time favourite Disney movie. Ariel is, always has been and always will be my favourite princess. When she sings this song in her grotto, on the beach and on the rock, it just does something amazing for me.