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Fan fiction by othobsessed92 posted over a year ago
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Chapter 1: And it all comes crashing down

“Ryan, can you please come out of your hiding place?” Quinn shouted as she ran around the house trying to find the mischievous toddler, “Come on baby, mommy is getting tired.”

“Finally feeling your age?” Nathan asked teasingly as he walked into the kitchen having heard the last of Quinn’s rant.

“Very funny,” Quinn said rolling her eyes, looking under the dining table to see whether her son was hiding there or not, “And you try running after him all day, then we’ll talk.”

“Been there, done that,” Nathan said smirking, “You don’t think Jamie was born an angel do you? He was just as hyper, if not more, as Ryan. He kept Haley and I on our toes all the time.”

“Did you just say Haley and I? After 10 years of being your tutor, my grammar is finally rubbing off on you,” Haley said grinning as she came to stand next to her husband.

“It was going to happen sooner or later,” Nathan laughed wrapping his arms around Haley.