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The fans pick: I can't choose
The fans pick: Hero!
The fans pick: Unforgiven
The fans pick: Dirty Harry movies
The fans pick: Yes,It's awesome!
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littlejosey said …
Clint Eastwood is the best actor EVER! Posted over a year ago
littlejosey said …
If there is a bigger Clint Eastwood fan that is 11 I'd be surprise! Posted over a year ago
drewjoana said …
Happy Birthday Clint Eastwood! Keep shinning Our world with your talent;) Posted over a year ago
VUP commented…
Clint I would like you to do a movie on euthanasia: Act1: Life is good Young successful professional couple ..... husband falls down, test are made. husband lawyer...and wife scientist Act2: Medical options Searching for medical options for a dying disease Act 3: Couple decides on a 'death with dignity' Husband challenges law re: euthanasia. legal research undertaken... Act 4: Court case ... Wife seeks approval for husband to 'die with dignity' During court case.....public and media in support of euthanasia. Jury says yes to euthanasia...Judge overrules decision....based on the current law. (letter of the law and not the spirit of the law) I have no doubt with such a public response to euthanasia the govt. is listening. Wife returns to dying husband. The End over a year ago