Lois: Actually, I kind of… hit him.
Clark: You hit him? With your car?
Lois: [Sarcastic] No, with my fist.

Chloe: She’s bringing home strays now, huh? [Chloe gets back to her feet] How is the new tenant?
Clark: Lois? Well, she, uh, re-recorded our answering machine, uses all the hot water, oh, and she took over my bedroom. She’s doing great.

Clark: Just playing with Skippy here.
Lois: We’re not gonna call him Skippy.
Clark: Okay, Lois, what would you like to call him?
Lois: Let’s see. He’s annoying, and I can’t seem to get within ten feet of him without getting sick… I think we should call him Clarkie. [To Einstein] Come here, Clarkie! Come here, boy!

Clark: We found this dog.
Lois: Actually, uh, I found him. Well, hit him actually. [Zack looks at Einstein, concerned] Not hard. We call him Clarkie.
Clark: [Annoyed] We don’t call him Clarkie.
Lois: Is it the “ie” part you don’t like? Because we could always just make it Clark. But then that would get really confusing, and hey, maybe you should consider changing your name. You could be Skipper.

Lois: Hold on there, Forrest Gump. What are you gonna do, run? We brought my car, remember?

Clark: You know, can you go a little bit faster?
Lois: Hey, you were gonna be hoofing it about ten minutes ago. Besides, I don’t want to hit anything.

Clark: Wait, turn left, turn left.
Lois: Why?
Clark: Just do it!
Lois: What is this, another one of your famous hunches, or are we just on a little scenic route here?

Lois: I thought bathing him was supposed to help with my allergies.
Clark: [Teasing] Well, maybe you’re allergic to the soap too.
Lois: Maybe I’m allergic to you.

Lois: So, what are we gonna call him? And don’t give me any of this Skipper crap. Clark: I was thinking we could call him Krypto.
Lois: Why, because he’s so cryptic like you? I don’t think so.
Clark: Why not?
Lois: Because I think it’s dumb. You can call your next dog Krypto.