Chloe: Well, not so much. He has amnesia, and he’s having a hard time—
Lois: Again?
Clark: What do you mean again?
Lois: Well, at least this time you got clothes on.

Lois: Yeah, just leave Mr. Memory Reboot to me. I’m getting to be a pro at this. [To Clark] But you know what? You’re gonna have to put up with PB and J because that’s the extent of my culinary skills.

Lois: Looks like one more thing you don’t remember. You usually hide all those emotions. I came to ask if you were doing okay. But it looks like I got my answer.
Clark: My life is a complete void. How would you feel?
Lois: Oh, pity party. These are fun.
Clark: Look, Chloe’s very protective of me. I guess there’s a lot of people that I can’t trust.
Lois: And you can’t tell who they are. Look, you may not remember all the players on the board, but you can still play the game.
Clark: Are you gonna tell me how I’m supposed to do that?
Lois: Trust your gut. Like, what’s it say about me?
Clark: [He smiles] We don’t like each other very much.
Lois: [Nods] You’re on the right track. Keep it up, Smallville.

Lois: I guess I shouldn’t call you Smallville anymore