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Opinion by anakinsgirl60 posted over a year ago
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Soooo do you guys think i should write some clone wars articles,like i dont wanna bore you guys LOL!!!! And I honestly dont care what you write or who you are i need about 5 responses to know thank you bye!!!!:):):):):)!!!!!! It would help if i got morer most of my articles will be about Anakin soooo..........................just a heads up I will also write about stories,reviews,fan fictions,debates and quizzes!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL and maybe some youtube videos (skyguysskygirl that means you:). ) So yeah just let me know what you think LOL!!!!!!!!!1:)
Fan fiction by Ms_Dididy posted over a year ago
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Hi folks!Just noting I'm not crazy just creative with this story.

Chapter 2

Anakin's POV

Yesterday night was creepy.I had this bizarre dream.But I ain't going into detail."Skyguy what's up!"I turned and saw Ahsoka."Morning snips how'd you sleep?"I asked."Eh, Good enough."she said stretching."How about you?"I looked down at her."Not-I mean alright."She looked at me funny.'Not buying it!'was all I could get from her thoughts."Anakin,Ahsoka we have a mission."I heard Obi wan."Aww what that's messed up!!We came from one yesterday."Ahsoka wined."Suck it up,we could be training the younglings."Her eyes widened." Nevermind I'm good."I laughed a bit.Then a bad feeling popped in my mind.I shivered a little."You okay?"Ahsoka asked."Y-yeah I'm fine."Ahsoka crossed her arms.I gave her a 'Drop it'look.'If you say so.
Fan fiction by padani53 posted over a year ago
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When they entered the cathedral, Anakin felt his heart break even more at the sight of Ahsoka's still body laying on the sacred slab. She had been all cleaned up and dressed in her Togrutan Jedi outfit and leggings. Her hands were crossed over her chest with her lightsaber tucked in her right hand. She looked to be sleeping with a serene expression on her face. Gone were the wounds of her death thanks to Master Vokara's ministrations.
Tears blurred the vision of her and Anakin wiped at his eyes, not wanting to cry in front of Masters Yoda and Windu. He saw Masters Luminara and Aayla fighting tears and that made him feel worse.
Madame Jocasta stood off to one side and motioned him to stand by her. O-Mer and Jinx stood by Master Plo. Master Sinube stood on Anakin's other side with the Wookiees standing behind them. Anakin kept his head bowed until he felt the presence of the two people he loved as much as Ahsoka.
Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padme Amidala his wife.
He lifted his head and stared at Obi-Wan seeing the sadness in his former Master's blue-gray eyes. He felt his resolve crack and let the tears fall unashamed down his cheeks.