After seeing the movie I wanted to know more. Where did it come from, this creature ten times as tall and 1,000 times as massive than anything that ever evolved on this planet? Normal bone would collapse under so much weight. Normal skin would explode under the pressure of the fluids it was trying to contain. A normal central nervous system would leave the thing moving in slow motion. It could never have evolved; it's far too big. Given normal predator-to-prey ratios, an Earth-sized planet couldn't support more than a few hundred, far to few to maintain a species over time. My conclusion is that the thing was bioengineered by a science far in advance of our own (we can barely introduce a genetic trait or two into an existing species; the Cloverfield creators built an entire creature). It's purpose must be to prepare our world for colonization by causing as much destruction as possible. A berserker. Assuming the little ones can grow into big ones (and make more little ones via asexual reproduction), the species will keep multiplying until it is the only animal life on our planet. Then its creators can show up at their leisure (given the light-speed barrier, this could be a long, long time) and send out a kill code; all the monsters die and they move on in. The kill code could be some encrypted combination of sounds that cause the monsters to die while replicating the sounds of the kill code, killing off the species on land and under the sea in a chain reaction. Perhaps the monsters explode, making it easier for them to biodegrade into fertilizer for alien plants. A world conquered, and none of the real attackers are ever at risk. An elegant solution. What do you think?