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Catytio said …
OMG CNBLUE confirmed concerts in Peru, Chile & Mexico for next year Posted 9 months ago
Gretulee said …
Happy Birthday Jungshin Chingu!
I wish you everything the best in your life with C.N. Blue!
Saranghae ~ FIGHTING!
Posted over a year ago
JaqueDickinson said …
Cnblue are not a boyband, they are a band Posted over a year ago
Ieva0311 said …
Happy Birthday Jung Yonghwa
I wish you all the best and that this day would be really good for you
Love you soooo much ♥
Posted over a year ago
Gretulee said …
Happy Belated Birthday Lee Jonghyun!<3
A great member of CN Blue and great actor ~
I hope you have had great day
Saranghae ~
Posted over a year ago
sujuRita said …
merry Christmas and happy new year 2013 Posted over a year ago
big smile
snowsaya16 said …
Please join Park shin hye 2013 drama 'Pretty boy next door' club!
Here's the link
http://www.fanpop.com/spots/pretty-boy-next-door-%25EC%259D%25B4%25EC%259B%2583%25EC%25A7%2591-%25EA%25BD%2583%25EB%25AF%25B8%25EB%2582%25A8 Posted over a year ago
rosaria93 said …
addicted to yonghwa.. want him soo badly!!!! Posted over a year ago
jeongmin said …
love c.n. blue forever<333 Posted over a year ago
YHAnjell said …
Why do CNBLUE keep on clicking in my mind...I LOVE THEM SO MUCH. Posted over a year ago