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CF_the_Kid said …
Cocker spaniels are so cute. I used to have one named Buffy (Bobo for short). I miss him :( Posted 6 months ago
Dawnbreak said …
i have a cocker spaniel, and she is my baby she is the best dog ever. Love you pepper!!!!! Posted 9 months ago
big smile
Angle97 said …
My pup's a cockalier: cocker spaniel and king cavilier!!!! If i could adopt him again i would...AW THAT'D BE SO MUCH FUN!!!!! TWO DUKEY'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D Posted over a year ago
mauvechoc commented…
I have a black cocker spainel called Dougal 4 months ago
Solen316 said …
I have a cockapoo! She is so cute :) <3 Posted over a year ago