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Male character cast.
Female character cast.
The fans pick: Original Japanese sub.
Original Japanese sub.
English dub.
The fans pick: Shirley Fenette
Shirley Fenette
Rolo Lamperouge
The fans pick: Yes, a few times I have
Yes, a few times I have
Yes, but only once
The fans pick: 3. Shirley
3. Shirley
1. Kallen
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big smile
Trignity said …
this anime is awesome !!!!!!! ^^ Posted 5 days ago
Shiro_chan said …
This is a cool anime.. I am watching this recently but..I really love the story and characters of this anime. Posted 1 month ago
recawarrior commented…
we're same and I think we can be good friends... 1 month ago
Shiro_chan commented…
Of course we can be good friends. 1 month ago
MainhattanMaus said …
I have watched the first 10 episodes and I think Code Geass: Part 2 is the biggest disaster to have ever disgraced the history of anime! I would dive into all the reasons why but I don't think this website's charchter limit will allow me to. But dang it! Even though Code Geass is just a fictional series I'm really upset at the writers for ruining something that was so touching and personal to me. Is there anyone else who feels the same? Posted 6 months ago