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Episode 12 was anybody else creeped out by.....

Nina and what she did? i was like:" what the hell is she doing...OH MY EYES!!!" Why do you think they put that unnecessary scene in there? i mean it was totally creepy and unneeded.
 Alchemistlover posted over a year ago
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ka1ley said:
After watching that episode, I was totally creeped out too!!! I read the comments and that moment was the hit....
Even when u look up Code Geass ep 12, nina pops up as one of the searches :/
So you're definitely not the only one lol
I wonder why that was there too...
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posted over a year ago 
Yeah it's gross ugh.....
Alchemistlover posted over a year ago
Yep, that was creepy >.<
MoffiChan posted over a year ago
I like her seiyuu (voice actress) But... I don't like her...
ka1ley posted over a year ago
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