I was walking home one day when i crossed the road i saw cody simpson at my front door talking to my sister.I felt sooo excited cody was there but yet nervouse how would i get in my house without making a fool of myself."Uhgg i hate it when the king of crap happens.i said."Oh jenna there you are i thought you would be late today" my sister yelled.I shrugged my shoulders and noticed cody looking at me i felt way to excited to do anything but walk the rest of the way.When i got into the house my sister said cody was here for me.I walked to the door and i felt nervouse so cody started taling."I saw a video of you on youtube your really good at singing"cody said."Thanks"i said blushing."I wanted to know if you wanted to come to the studio tommorow and we can do a duet on this new song i wrote"Cody said."I'd love to but tommorow i have school"i said."Oh Well do you know when you would have some time free for bout an hour or two"Cody said."Umm well i may have homework so that would be half an hour so mayby three would be perfect"i said.Cody looked at me with his hazel(idk what color)eyes and said"Ok so ill come get you at three then".I nodded cody and i hugged good-bye and i had gone on with my homework thinking of nothing but tommorow.TO BE CONTINUED