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Article by TheGoldenHeart posted over a year ago
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Hi there!

I'm a writer and I'd love some international support for my story that I already gave to Colin Morgan personally as a gift. He inspired me for a certain character and it was given more as a sign of gratitude for the inspiration rather than for him to read it. No idea if he ever would, but I just hope the effort I put into translating it just for him made him happy that day. What a brilliant actor ^^ Anyways -I've created a club and this account itself for communicating with future readers. I don't want to bother anyone with it, but how else could you let people know your story even exists before it's published?

I promise I have put a lot of effort into it! It took me three years to create this world and the characters. Maybe you'll fall in love with "The Golden Heart". I'm striving for an international release of the book and what I need for that is
support, support, support and lots of love!
I love everyone who tries to do the smallest thing to help!
Guide by heartmerlin2 posted over a year ago
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Sound mixer Dan Birch at Pigeon Hse carpark
During Ireland’s coldest January for 25 years the last sight local walkers expected to see was a film crew shooting in an exposed Dublin Bay car park. The four-week shoot for Parked kicked off with six days in the coastal car park in the centre of Dublin’s expansive, semicircular bay. The area is essentially industrial, dominated by the two tall chimneys of the electrical power station that are a distinctive landmark of the nation’s capital. Exposed to all of the elements – gale force onshore winds, rain and snow, sand and sleet – it makes for an inhospitable shooting environment, but one that suits the story perfectly.

The fiction debut of documentary director Darragh Byrne, Parked centres on Fred Daly, a man who returns to his hometown after spending many years away and has nowhere to live but the car he arrives in. Fred is played by Irish acting legend Colm Meaney. ‘Fred doesn’t like to be an outsider,’ comments Meaney. ‘He very much wants to blend in. He wants to be part of something but he is not quite sure how to do it.’ A proud man, whose life has shrunk to a series of mundane routines, Fred’s world is opened up by the arrival of Cathal, a...
Guide by heartmerlin2 posted over a year ago
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Info about Island:

Director: Darragh Byrne
Cast: Colm Meaney, Colin Morgan, Milka Ahlroth, Stuart Graham, Michael McElhatton, David Wilmott
Writer: Ciaran Creagh
Producers: Dominic Wright, Jacqueline Kerrin, Aleksi Bardy
Budget: €1.5m
Status: In Production - Delivery July 2010

A Ripple World Production with the support of Bord Scannán na hÉireann/The Irish Film Board.

When mobile homeless man Fred Daly loses his job in London he starts his car and ends up in a seaside car park near his old family home in Dublin, a city he hasn't seen in years.

With his aged father deteriorating in a nursing home and no job prospects, Fred's life soon shrinks to a series of mundane routines. Until his world is opened up by Cathal, a chaotic, dope-smoking twenty-one year old who pulls up in a little yellow car.

With a car park and a troubled history with their fathers in common, the unlikely duo soon become friends. Cathal's infectious energy rubs off on Fred, who modifies his car to make it more comfortable, challenges the welfare system and visits his father. At the local swimming pool he falls for...
Guide by heartmerlin2 posted over a year ago
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Hello fellow Merlin fans. As we know, Colin is starring in a new film called 'Island' (was previiosly called 'The Sea Change'). Here is some inside info you may like to know:

Background info
. It has been in development for the last four years.
. The directors are; Jane Rogers and
Elizabeth Mitchell
. It is being created by Tailormade Productions.
. It's genre in DRAMA!

Whats happening now:
The team have been hard at work on the edit of ISLAND since wrapping up on tha 29 November.

Autumn was spent prepping for ‘Mull – The Return’ which ment an almost entirely new crew decamping to the Isle of Mull Hotel. Shooting days were undeniably long (and during the horrendous November storms), and were spent all over the island, from Dervaig and Calgary Bay to Uishkin and Pennyghael. However, they were teated to a comforting swimming pool, steam and sauna that waiting for them upon our return (as well as a well stocked single malt bar).