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Fan fiction by Bear_Jew posted over a year ago
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THis is my muther
As a fan of life, i know lobotomies can be hard to read, but personally i think we should a would be happy. I am currently doing a PHD in working in high places. It is fun and all my work friends are of Mexican descent, as am I. My name is Pedro El'Mehican, and i was born in Uganda, but my father was Mexican. I thank yu for readin my lobotomy. I have bean struggling with lif recently, as my mother has Myxomatosis. the doctorz say she hasnt got long left, but they also said that she lived a long and great life, as rabbits dont usualy live to the age of 62.

My lobotomy is about how animals shouln't be restricted by race, but should have inter-racial relationships like humans. It would be economicaly better if crodiles and Meerkats coukd have babies and this way everyone could be friends. Please let me on americans idol.

You're truley
Pedro El'Mehicano
Opinion by bucherstrongest posted over a year ago
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yeah I like this one
Green. Actually it is my favorite color, because it reminds me of beautiful fields, trees, and happiness. It is not a primary color, but is created out of a mixture of yellow and blue, or yellow and cryan.

Everything can be green, like butterflies, clothes, cars, books, houses, rooms, apples, stars, or hair? O_o make over (or what the hell is that) and other different stuff.

The world is full of different pretty colors, blue is color of peace, red is color of death and blood, yellow is full of creative and intellectual energy, white brings out your neutrality, pink brings you romance, black invotes strong feelings, purple has a impact on choices we make every day, but green ~ I think it is the best of the colors, like THE BEST.

Some people like other colors: purple, yellow, orange, black, white, red, blue, violet, brown, grey (or gray?) but no one dislakes green. I mean why to dislake this beautiful color? Because it is really beautiful and every cool girls and boys like green. Do you like green? Of course YES! IT IS THE BEST COLOR EVER!