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MoreThanFangirl said …
Great series. Well, I think so and many others say: It´s boring because we all know who the murderer is, but I say: No, it´s super!
PS: Why are here only a few fans of Columbo?????? Posted over a year ago
fansfunsz said …
wow Posted over a year ago
johnnietaylor said …
Hi all I'm a singer songwriter and longstanding fan of Columbo I have written a song which is on YouTube . I'd love as many columbo fans as poss to hear it. Type Go Columbo and it will come up - beware it is a demo, but enjoy it all the same. David Posted over a year ago
Mybuddy1 commented…
what happened to the Columbo movie about an advertising agency inputs subliminal cuts into the film and the client who ate salty caviar came out of the screening room to get water and the guy killed him and recorded the events after in the hall way? I have all the collection movies from season 1-7 and mystery movies 1989-2004. It's not in any of those. Where is it? over a year ago
TyroneLautner commented…
From all of the hundreds of Detective TV series I’ve seen – I’m very confident to shout out that this show outranked them all! Peter Falk’s role is very smart and funny at the same time and this show never gets boring and it always brings you at the edge of your seat whenever you watch a single episode! This show is truly missed that’s why I purchased a DVD copy from I would have to say that this seller made a good transfer of this show, I received a good quality set and most importantly, it has all the episodes from 1971-2003. It was a n incredible DVD collection!. Peter Falk touched so many lives with one-of-a-kind TV show I won’t get tired watching Columbo and until now his memory remains on my heart and forever will be. This show is a real gem in the television histoy and I seriously enjoyed watching it up to now! over a year ago