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Opinion by elstef posted over a year ago
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I was lucky enough to stumble into the Community world during what is considered by many to be one of the best, maybe the single best, episode of the show. I am referring to Modern Warfare. (I may have seen pieces of episodes before that, I’m not sure.) This episode had everything that I would come to love about the show: the comedy, the satire, the pop-culture references.
Perhaps even more importantly though, I would come to learn that, shockingly enough, this show truly is about a community. All seven people in this group are flawed, and maybe that is why they fit so perfectly. They can fight, bad-mouth each other, and even hurt each other. In the end though, there is a level of acceptance and respect that is truly remarkable. They support each other without making it seem like an after school special.
To me this is best represented by the way they treat Abed. When Abed spent Christmas imagining them all as cartoon figures, the rest of the group went with him to therapy, only to eventually tell the therapist to shove it, because Abed is fine the way he is.
Fan fiction by NoelleBelle729 posted over a year ago
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Hey Community lovers! I got bored one day this summer and decided to write a Abed and Annie fan fic! I thought I would post it here, so I could get some reviews from true Community connoisseurs. Please tell me watch you think in the comments! Keep on laerning!
Streets Ahead,
Sara (:

I woke up at six o'clock sharp. I turned off my beeping alarm, and after snapping out of my groggy state of mind, thoughts began to flood my head. I ignored them as much as I could, but after I finished my breakfast of Multigrain Cheerios, I surrendered to the pestering worries. After all, it was hard to ignore something bouncing around the inside of your head

'What are you going to wear today?'

'Have you memorized your scheduled, yet?'

'Should you even bother to attempt to check in on Mom and Dad?'

I kept answering all these questions silently, keeping the answers to myself in the vast land that my thoughts consumed. But even after I finished self-assessing myself (not to mention showering, getting dressed, and pinning back my hair), the one most true- and most painful- question...