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The fans pick: Christianity
The fans pick: My logic and empathy
The fans pick: a cult
a cult
neither they are both as...
The fans pick: If it hurts someone in any possible way, and the risk/harm outweighs any benefit
The fans pick: no
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-SilverFey- said …
Can someone join this, please? It would be greatly appreciated. :) Thanks
link Posted over a year ago
misscrazel commented…
Okay!^-^ over a year ago
Fassmckee said …
bri marie, ive been reading your articles, I am impressed and humbled. You may not be able to teach an old dog, such as myself something new but you can make them see reason. Truce. peace. BB. Posted over a year ago
Fassmac said …
My point being don't you think your being a hypocritical? As in do as I say, NOT as I DO? Btw, suspended, and resurrected. tee hee. Posted over a year ago
bri-marie commented…
Still not getting your point. What is hypocritical about fightiing for marriage equality? over a year ago