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The fans pick: Future Our Way - trust in the law, trust in the future
The fans pick: Kiera Cameron
The fans pick: Don't like Him
The fans pick: 2012
The fans pick: Yes
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FlightofFantasy said …
Can't believe our beloved show is over! The series finale was awesome. Not as good as the previous episode, in my opinion, but pretty damn satisfying. Posted over a year ago
FlightofFantasy said …
4x05 was AMAZING! Can't believe there's only one episode left! Sad, but I'm also excited to see how they finish this fantastic show! Posted over a year ago
FlightofFantasy said …
The fourth and final season will premiere July 26th! Can't wait! Though I'm sad for it to end. Posted over a year ago
aholic commented…
me too! At least it gets a proper ending unlike to many other great cancelled shows! over a year ago
mstony commented…
I like the beginning and the end but I just didn't like the fact keira went home for nothing when the future was an alternate keira and he did not get to be with his son, only her altered herself so sad and actions got better too bad. over a year ago