Indonesia had always been famous for the diversity of culture, arts, customs and traditions. Special food was not immune from the attention, including cookies. Indonesia consists of thousands of islands and ethnic variety, of course, has its own characteristics, including cookies.
Indonesia typical cookies diverse types. Starting from the sweet, sour, salty. Each region has its own characteristics. Like a cake onde (small ball-shaped and sprinkled with sesame seeds)Makassar contains typical green bean powder with the addition of brown sugar, different from Bandung, which contains only the green beans alone.I will discuss it first. Holidays, traditions and other events also related to the type of cookies are presented on that day. Idul Fitri example, cookies are characteristic of cheesecake, nastar, syringe, and the snow princess.cheese cake is a cake-shaped cookies sprinkled with small blocks of grated cheese. flavor that characterizes this cake is the smell of cheese with a blend of flour and butter dough dense and powder in one bite.while the small ball-shaped cakes and nastar (acronym from nanas=pinneaple) contains pineapple jam. Then, snow princess cake, so named because this cake flour sugar sprinkled by a rather cold on the tongue, but cookie dough is made from peanuts and flour and shaped like a crescent. Apparently a somewhat different is the cake that tastes slightly bitter syringe because it is made from cocoa powder. Keep dough from flour and a spiral shaped like ice cream but the cream on small form.