The amputated fingers of the Other Mother's shattered hand squirmed beneath the rock at the bottom of the well. They rose, dragging themselves by the fingertips to rejoin and connect to what could be scavenged of the hand. The resurrected hand reared up, wiggling its fingers, testing the air around it, before pulling itself from beneath the rock.
'Come back to me...'
The hand ripped a hole in the fabric containing the rock. It reached its slender, needle like fingers up to the thread on which the key to the door of the Other World was looped around and pulled gently.
'Bring it back...'
The hand snipped the thread and curled its fingers around the top of the dark key. Slowly and nimbly, it began to scale the wall of the well.
'Yes... Come back to me...'

Far away, in the darkness of the lounge in Coraline's home, the door began to bulge and move. A shrill scream emitted from the green mist circling the frame and its tendrils snaked out into the room. They swirled upwards, reaching for the portrait of a young, dark haired girl in a yellow raincoat with a black cat, and stroked her smiling face. The paint crumbled and fell away, distorting Coraline's smile.
'Ah, Coraline...' the mist sang. 'Such a beautiful girl, you know I love you...'

From outside the cat watched the green smoke curling around the painting of Coraline. His fur bristled and he growled.
The mist made the eyes of the girl swirl into dark, circular shapes and unnerved, the cat sprinted away. The mist laughed cruelly and disappeared as the door was thrown open and bright light poured into the room.

Coraline gasped and fled the room.

The girl in the picture smiled back in a demented way, her dark eyes glinting.

The moon's rays made the dark circles glow. The buttons shone and two dark hands materialized on the shoulders of the girl.