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Opinion by sheerika posted over a year ago
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I want to get married and have children and live happily ever after. That's important to me. - Cory
At some point, you realize your parents are human. They make the best decisions they can with the options available to them. - Cory
I say eat fast and die young. - Cory
I'm lucky on so many counts ... I'm lucky to be alive. - Cory
I like the idea of dating, but I'm not dating anyone exclusively, particularly right now. It's hard to be in a relationship unless you're ready to go public with it. So it's a lot easier for me to not be in a relationship. I really don't want that part of my life to be tabloid fodder. - Cory
I'll pee in a cup! I'll pee. - Finn
Took the midnight train going anywhere. - Finn
We're all losers. Everyone in this school! Hell, everyone in this town. Out of all the kids who graduate, maybe half will go to college, and two will leave the state to do it! I'm not afraid to be called a loser because I can accept that's what I am. But I am afraid of turning my back on something that actually made me happy for the first time in my sorry life. -Finn
Opinion by ForsakenMoon19 posted over a year ago
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What you're about to read I didn't write (though I wish I had) but this is probably one of the most beautiful opinions on the Cory/Chris bromance I've ever had the pleasure of reading! This is so true to a "T" and exactly the reason I fell in love with this relationship in the first place. Keep in mind the fan who wrote it calls themselves "cha no aji" and they're a memeber of tumblr. This person also ships Cory and Chris & Finn and Kurt romantically, but after reading this I can't judge 'cause this person writes this opinion with honesty and maturity. Read after the jump:

It is hot as hell shipping RP, but every now and then I like to look at these ‘pairings’ seriously and it makes my heart hurt with how much everyone loves Chris. That the reality is so much sweeter than any of my fannish fantasies.

I’ve been loving up the Cory and Chris interaction since the beginning, and when I take off the “whoooaa fuck that’s hot” goggles…I actually start seeing how much Cory is just in awe of how strong and brave Chris is.
Review by VideoJunkie posted over a year ago
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So far I had not been able to find anything about 'gone.', a short film starring Frederic Robinson and Cory Monteith. But after doing a bit more searching I came across this website that showcases the film. link

What's cool about it is that is also showcases the bios of the two actors and production stills from the movie. It's actually really cool.

I downloaded the film and was impressed by the way it was shot. Cory did a great job, and Frederic's character was well played. This is a movie you'll have to see more than once. It requires some thinking folks....so your going to need to watch it a few times to catch it all!