What you're about to read I didn't write (though I wish I had) but this is probably one of the most beautiful opinions on the Cory/Chris bromance I've ever had the pleasure of reading! This is so true to a "T" and exactly the reason I fell in love with this relationship in the first place. Keep in mind the fan who wrote it calls themselves "cha no aji" and they're a memeber of tumblr. This person also ships Cory and Chris & Finn and Kurt romantically, but after reading this I can't judge 'cause this person writes this opinion with honesty and maturity. Read after the jump:

It is hot as hell shipping RP, but every now and then I like to look at these ‘pairings’ seriously and it makes my heart hurt with how much everyone loves Chris. That the reality is so much sweeter than any of my fannish fantasies.

I’ve been loving up the Cory and Chris interaction since the beginning, and when I take off the “whoooaa fuck that’s hot” goggles…I actually start seeing how much Cory is just in awe of how strong and brave Chris is.

We all know how fucking hard Cory had it in life before Glee, and that he was basically clinging onto happiness by his fingertips when he made that goofy, adorable audition tape. A lot of us remember how Chris was the person he bonded with first, and they started Facebook messaging each other immediately (lol at how little they worried about privacy back then).

As I mentioned in the last photoset where Cory is watching Chris do AIWNSG, I genuinely see in his eyes that Cory has taken Chris into his life like he was blood. When he looks at Chris, it’s love mixed with - not pride because he sees Chris as this young kid - but pride because he will always call Chris a brother. No matter what Cory does in life after Glee, Chris will have changed him and moved him for nothing but the better.

When we are all serious and honest, who of us has a right to know or speculate who the cast are sleeping with. All we are entitled to - apart from our fangirl flailing on tumblr (that is perfectly fine when it stays on tumblr) - and what really moves us is the deep bond that old and new members have in Glee. And for my part, I have always believed that everything Finn said to Kurt at the wedding speech, Cory meant for Chris.

Brothers from another mother…no one has taught Cory more about being a man…and he will always, always have Chris’ back.

Hope you've enjoyed reading this as much as I have. I just wanted to share more reasons for why this relationship touches my heart and continues to astound me that two strong people like this can be friends without the pressures of hate and intolerance! It's why I'll always be a loyal shipper of their bromance:)