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Courtneyfan214 posted on May 29, 2012 at 12:15AM
(my last day of school is on Thursday May 31.)

everyone is at school!
(my last day of school is on Thursday May 31.)
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everyone is at school!

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over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: *gets in the car*

Dylan: *drives to the school*

Jenny: *drives to school*

Veronica: *walks to school* *sigh*

Jessica: *in the car with dylan*

Dylan: well, summer is around the corner.

Jessica: yeah i guess. *looks down*

Dylan: *sigh* i know you're still upset about mom being dead, but everybody has to die someday.

Jessica: but mom was young!

Dylan: *sigh and looks down* i know.

Jenny: *parks the car* school is almost over! yay! *gets out of the car*

Veronica: *walks up to jenny* hey jenny!

Jenny: school is almost over!

Veronica: *laughs* i know. you sure are excited.
over a year ago Seastar4374 said…
Rochelle: *standing infrount of her mirror finishes getting ready sings I feel pretty/unpretty quinn's lines from the song finishes walks to school. Walks in is usually picked on for her sexuality stays quiet and to herself*
Rochelle: *standing infrount of her mirror finishes getting ready sings I feel pretty/unpretty quinn'
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: *walks to Rochelle* hey.
over a year ago Seastar4374 said…
Rochelle: *a little jumpy looks backs away* Y-Your not gonna pick on me are you?
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: uh, no. Why would you think that?
over a year ago princess2109 said…
Tobi: *the short girl and is walking to school and for the first time in 3 years shes wearing a yellow shirt with a grey skirt*
(she wears a grey hoodie and jeans everyday)
over a year ago Seastar4374 said…
Rochelle: *gets shoved into a locker by a prep winces*

Amber: *lesbian doesn't come out of the closet doesn't know how to control her feelings about it just takes it out on Rochelle*

Rochelle: *falls to the floor stays there* that is why...
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny:*to amber* that's not nice!
over a year ago Seastar4374 said…
Rochelle: *glareing stands runs after* Hey! *runs into the locker room after her* Hey I'm talking to you!

Amber: *turns to her* yes little posey

Rochelle: What is wrong with you?!

Amber: excuse me

Rochelle: what are you so scared of?

Amber: other than you watching me get changed

Rochelle: oh yeah every straight girl's worst nightmare that all of us bi sexuals are secretly out to molest and convert you. Well guess what you are not my type!

Amber: that right?

Rochelle: *nods* I'm not into girls who starve themselves to get themselves skinny
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: that's sad.

Veronica: i know.
over a year ago princess2109 said…
Tobi: *walks down the hall*
Nya: *stops her*
Tobi: *smiles and looks UP at her xD*
Nya: hey Tobs
Tobi: Hi Nya
Nya: *flips up hoodie that had cat ears sewn on it and it sharpie it says Nekos Only! >:3*
(Nya is a neko and Tobi is a lesbain)
over a year ago Seastar4374 said…
Amber: *slams the locker door* Don't push it Hetrick!

Rochelle: You gonna hit me? Do it.

Amber: Don't push me!

Rochelle: Hit me 'cause it's not going to change who I am. You can't punch the bi outta me anymore than I can punch the ignoramus out of you!

Amber: I said get out of my face!

Rochelle: Your nothing more than a scared little girl who can't handle how extraordinarly ordinary you are!

Amber: *kisses Rochelle*

Rochelle: *eyes widen shoves amber away covers mouth shocked*

Amber: *storms out*
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over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: *sees amber kissing rochelle* that's hot.

Veronica: Jenny, we have to get to class.

Jenny: *sigh* fine!
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over a year ago Seastar4374 said…
Rochelle: *walks into class has the same class as Jenny she still has a look of slight shock on her face most of it has worn off*
over a year ago princess2109 said…
Nya: *her cat ears grow in and her little fluff of a tail sticks out and her hood falls off*
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Veronica: *her cat ears appear and walks to class with jenny*

Jenny: *sits in the back of the class*

Dylan: *walks to the class* sorry i'm late students. (dylan is 24 and he's the teacher.)
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over a year ago Seastar4374 said…
Rochelle: *shakes her head in disbelief of what Amber did looks up at Dylan giving him her full attention*
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Dylan: today you will write down what you will do during the summer. no college parties Jenny!

Jenny: darn it!
over a year ago Seastar4374 said…
Rochelle: *chews on the end of her pen slightly thinking gets it starts writing about how she is trying out for a school for performing arts and her councelor-in-training camp.*
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: *writes down about her throwing a college party*

Veronica: *writes down a way to stop jenny from throwing a college party*
over a year ago princess2109 said…
Nya: *walks in late and has Teal hair which is tottally againest school rules*Sup? *smirk*
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Dylan: you're late, please take a seat.
over a year ago Seastar4374 said…
Rochelle: *gasps feeling Amber kick her chair turns to glare at her*

Amber: *hands her a note*

Rochelle: *reads it quickly Dylan does not catch her reads in a whisper* Don't you dare tell anyone what happened in that locker room or I will come after you. *swallows hard*
over a year ago princess2109 said…
Nya: Sure thing Teach' *sits down next to Tobi*
Tobi: *looks at Nya*
Nya: Mew? *giggles*
Tobi: *laughs silently*
over a year ago Courtneyfan214 said…
Jenny: dylan! can you take me to a college party again?

Dylan: NO! and it's Mr.Davis to you.