First I think Annie and Auggie are just sooo cute together! And I silently cheered when in the second episode when Auggie is showing Annie some fighting movies. It was super cute!
And I soon had a make up story of a love scene between Annie and Auggie!
So here it is( and it's kinda short) , it's called " A Blind Kiss ":

After a hard day's work, Annie is finishing up some paper work, when Auggie walks up to her desk.
"Didn't know you were still here"
"Oh just finishing some work, I had a lot of walk in's today."
Says Annie. " Yea you should get home, you're tiered." Says Auggie and starts to walk away.
"How did you know?"
" You just sounded stress"
" You know Auggie, you really are amazing, you don't even let your blindness get in your way from doing your job. And I really admire that."
Auggie smiles and walks up to Annie, to were theirs less than a foot between them.
"I do wish I could see, just for a few moments. And if I could," Auggie pauses,
" I would want to see your face. To see how you look like."
Annie smiles, and just stares back at Auggie.
"May I?" Auggie asks , lifting his hands up to her face.
He starts to feel Annie's face, just touching the out side of her face, then feeling her eyes, and her nose. He feels her chin, then slowly moves up to her lips.
Annie just continues to stare at Auggie.
At the moment Annie thinks Auggie is done, he starts to move closer.
And their faces gets closer, and closer, to were their lips are touching oh so slightly.
Auggie then kisses Annie, and Annie is surprised.
Once Auggie and Annie finish kissing, Auggie just smiles, says Good-Night, and leaves.

That's it, hope you enjoyed, and sorry for the bad writing. :)