You know you're a Craig Ferguson fan when...

☠ You know what RSA stands for.

☠ You're in the RSA.

☠ You joined Twitter so that you can follow Craig and be an RSA skeleton.

☠ You have flooded Craig's Twitter& Email with your questions, hoping one will get picked.

☠ You spent ages coming up with questions to ask Craig, then realise that they're too lame to be picked out but send them to him anyway.

☠ You have experienced fergasm before.

☠ You were on Cloud 9 (or higher) when you're email/tweet got read on the show for the first time.

☠ You have kissed (or done something else to...) your screen/monitor only to realise that you can't possibly reach Craig that way.

☠ You never miss a show. "Screw everything else"- you think.

☠ You rather pee your pants than to leave during the monologue.

☠ You threaten to throw anyone out of the room if they even let out a breath while you're watching the show.

☠ You get pissy at anyone who dares to bad-mouth about Craig.

☠ You tell people to go join Al-Qaeda when they don't agree with you, especially regarding Craig.

☠ You tried to watch other late-night shows and you "Zzzz...." before you can think "how can this be on the air?"

☠ You became sleep deprived for staying up to watch Craig.

☠ You cuss at Dave if he takes to long to get his show over/Or you cuss at YouTube for screwing up.

☠ You're subscribed to Mal's TVsCraigFerguson channel on YouTube.

☠ You've seen the 'OMFG ending' on Youtube for 100+ times, and drooled every single time you watch it again (or fergasm).

☠ You talk about Craig ALL THE TIME.

☠ You feel miserable when it comes to meeting decent guys because Craig is your standard (you too ladies)

☠ You've been caught ogling at pictures of Craig.

☠ You try to get your friends to watch Craig.

☠ You get angry at your friends for not listening to you ramble on about Craig.

☠ During conversations you make your own Craig jokes& laugh. And then people judge you.

☠ You have more than one folder containing Craig Ferguson pictures.

☠ You have so much Craig videos that it's not even funny.

☠ You say "It's a Great day for America" even though you're not American, nor do you live in America, nor do you have anything at all to do with America.

☠ You sing along to the Tweets& Emails jingle or the LLS theme song when you're doing the laundry.

☠ You reply to people Geoff Peterson-style or Craig-style. (eg. "WAHHHH?!")

☠ You can take any two-word combo and turn it into a supposed name you used to dance under.

☠ Craig is who you go to for a mood lift, a good laugh, comfort, advices, reminder for the purpose of life, procrastination, boredom or when you're just horny.

☠ You imitate Geoff.

☠ You think puppets are awesome.

☠ You think robot skeletons are awesome.

☠ You think the Scottish accent is friggin sexy.

☠ You say 'cuss' instead of 'curse'.

☠ You like Britney Speare's song "Oops I did it Again" even though you didn't like it before.

☠ You get excited hearing/seeing/eating chicken.

☠ You secretly enjoy being called a hobo. Especially by Craig.

☠ You giggle when you hear Liza Minnelli & Paul McCartney.

☠ You think Craig is the best dancer ever.

☠ You think a leaky garage with crappy lighting is not creepy but awesome.

☠ You love the word 'awesome.'

☠ You want to be a pilot or get a pilot's license.

☠ You want to get a tattoo(s).

☠ You've read "Between the Bridge and the River" & "American on Purpose."

☠ You've seen (almost) all of Craig's previous films before and loved them.

☠ You say 'CBS cares.'

☠ You put your address down as 'Hollowed out Volcano'

☠ You fergasm when Craig looks straight into the camera (you too ladies)

☠ You say 'remind you of anyone' & 'I know' all the time.

☠ You love the 'ball vacuum cleaner with the PROPER AMOUNT OF SUCTION'

☠ You do your own double entendre to almost anything that it can work with.

☠ You hate the Emmy's and all them Hollywood Showbiz things/people.

☠ You tuned in for Shark Week even though you don't like sharks/don't give a rats ass about Discovery channel/know that you will become paranoid afterwards.

☠ You're happy when Craig's happy, you're sad when Craig's sad, you're angry when Craig's angry, you're hurt when Craig's hurt, and of course- you're horny when Craig's horny.

☠ You think Craig trumps the world. And you're right, he does.


☠ Oh, and you feel proud after reading this.

Are you all of the above? Or do you have more to add? please comment below =D

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