1. She's the only one in the world who calls him Spence. <It's a term of endearment, coming from her!

2. He took her to a Redskins game who are her favorite football team.

3. She was torn up about him being kidnapped by Tobias Hankle... even though it was kind of his fault.

4. He hugged her and assured her the kidnapping was not her fault afterward.

5. She made sure they didn't split up when searching for Tracy Bell.

6. He agreed.

7. She thought she looked like crap after a fifteen hour pregnancy.

8. He said, "Don't be ridiculous, you're beautiful"!

9.She asked him to be Henry's Godfather.

10. He accepted!

11. She hated having to leave the team and him when she was transferred to another department.

12. He was hurt and said, They can't just get rid of you"!

13. She talked to him while he was in tears many nights after Prentiss' "death".

14. He opened up to her when he/they "lost" Emily for several months.

15. They are always loving and playfully picking on each other, which is so damn cute!