SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT LOL but here we go again!we left off with jackie and reid in a diff room and keving confronting garcia about her morgan issues!!!

Reid kissed jackies soft lips and told her she ment the world t him! while on the other side of the door.....
"guys get back in here!!"he yelled
"no your always telling us to get a room now we have one."he answered as jackie laughed.
"it is true."she said giggling. as she kissed reid again and again playing with his long silky brown hair!
"well if your not coming out we are coming in."morgan said"you better be decent."
"if we arn't you'd enjoy that wayy to much."jackie answered
"maybe."he said"as he kicked open the door"
"wow showing off your muscles for the ladies."reid asked as kevin got a little mad!
"garcia i thought you loved me."he asked
"i did but me and morgan have always had chemistry and i just love him so much"she answered
"you could of told me that before i fell in love with you."he said sadly.
"i am sorry kevin."she said sympathetically
"oh shut up garcia, you love kevin he loves you go with him now forget about stupid morgan. You do not need him"she yelled madly
"oh really and you..need me."he asked
"oh shut up morgan."she said as she went to kiss him
"hold up."jackie yelled stopping her!
"point one garcia and morgan have chemistry they love eachother and they make my day!!!!point too garcia obviously wants morgapoint 3:why don't you date kevin!!!!!"jackie exclaimed
"oh no."sophie yelled throughing anything she could get her hands on at jackie!
"fine fine we will vote, who do you want morgan to be with everyone!for sophie put your hand up!"she said. Kevin slowly raised his hand with sophie, as they both looked around. "now who wants garcia with morgan"she asked as reid and morgan and garcia and jackie raised there hands!
"all settled morgan and garcia are epic!!!"she exclaimed as garcia and morgan kissed!
"but i do love kevin, maybe i should jut be single. Don't wanna seem like a whore at the office."she said
"and they don't think your one already."morgan answered
"no."she said hitting him! Jackie pulled reid away from the crowd.
"hey know a good way to clear a room!"she asked him deviously
"no, do you?"he asked ovblivious
"sure......."she said giggling"hey if i where you id leave the room like now!"she said
"why?"they all asked simutaniously inching toward the door!
"because in five seconds whether your here or not reids going to be naked!"she said giggling as she watched kevin and morgan slowly inch to the door and sophie look at her like she was nuts!
"what about you garcia."she asked
"i am watching."garcia answered
"Garcia!!!!!!!!!!!"morgan warned
"fine ruin my fun."she moped
"hold on who said i was going to ruin it, i just thought id be better to look at naked then reid was."he said
"oh..."said garcia deviously. as sophie looked ant kevin and said "wanna get drinks"
"uh yah lets get outof her."he answered quickly. Jackies laughter echoed throughout the empty building