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Review by Aline1102 posted over a year ago
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I found this on the Web but I couldn't add it in the links. Here's a copy of the article:

“Criminal Minds” drew 14.6 million viewers, the biggest audience Wednesday, and led CBS to victory, according to updated ratings released this afternoon.

“Minds” said farewell to A.J. Cook, who played J.J. But what will J.J.’s departure mean to the series in the long run?

There was some good news for NBC: The series premiere of “Law & Order: Los Angeles” drew 10.6 million viewers and won the hour. CBS’ “The Defenders,” a new drama with Jim Belushi, placed second with 10.4 million. ABC’s “Whole Truth” — which is in trouble — had just 4.6 million viewers.

At 8, CBS was way out in front with “Survivor” pulling in 12.3 million. Did Jeff Probst seem sad to say goodbye to Jimmy Johnson? “The Middle” on ABC entertained 8.4 million, then the audience drooped to nearly 7 million for the new “Better With You.” NBC’s new “Undercovers” was diverting for 7.2 million. Fox averaged 6.3 million for two hours of “Hell’s Kitchen.” “America’s Next Top Model” on The CW drew 2.9 million.
Opinion by Kelsje posted over a year ago
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Hi CM fans!

You must have heard the news about AJ getting cut and Paget getting less screen time!
I want to make a support video and if you want to be in this video all you have to do is:

- Make a drawing of some sort. Like this one I made: I Support
- Send it to me in a PM here or on Twitter ( i'm Kelsje91)

If I get anough of these entries i'll make a video with all of these support drawings!

Spread the word! Support AJ & Paget!!!

Yours truly,
Opinion by Kelsje posted over a year ago
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Hello my dears!

As the maker of this spot I would like to thank EVERYONE for joining and keeping this spot active!
Oh what can I say?! The CM Girls are amazing for sure.

There are a few extra people that I would like to thank for helping/supporting & making me happy:
- Colette.
- Susana.

You 2 have been so sweet and amazing! So you deserved to be honored :)

I would like to take this moment to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
May it all be a great for for you.
Enjoy the Holidays and don't be a stranger here :D

All My Love,