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Criminal Minds Question

What are the real names of the cast?

 JBfan516 posted over a year ago
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Criminal Minds Answers

narniafreak12 said:
Shemar Moore - Derek Morgan
Matthew Gray Gubler - Dr. Spencer Reid
Thomas Gibson - Aaron Hotchner
A.J. Cook - Jennifer 'JJ'
Kirsten Vangsness - Penelope
Paget Brewster - Emily Prentiss
Joe Mantegna - David Rossi
Mandy Patinkin - Jason Gideon
Lola Glaudini - Elle Greenaway
Meredith Monroe - Haley Hotchner
Jayne Atkinson - Erin Strauss
Nicholas Brendon - Kevin Lynch
Cade Owens - Jack Hotchner
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posted over a year ago 
Mandy Patinkin :)
iluvtheshow posted over a year ago
JBfan516 posted over a year ago
Mekhai Andersen - Henry LaMontagne..or!
Blairsey posted over a year ago
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