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Incomplete first season. There are 22 episodes with the 22 leaving us in suspense as a two parter. At this point I am completely unable to find the second part (conclusion) to episode 22. I missed it when it aired on tv. I bought the first season and again it leaves me hanging in suspense. The second season or simply the conclusion to episode 22 I cannot find. Anyone out there able to guide me to that end would have my eternal gratitude.
Ineed your Criminal Mind to guide mine. Yours Truly Dragonflies!
posted over a year ago.
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djmac77 said:
i got mine from isohunt :-)
posted over a year ago.
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sup, im looking for the collage of criminals behind the actors of criminal minds that have little pictures of the criminals.. i really need that badly . i dont want the actors to be in . i jussn want the collage of the criminals behind them ....... if anyone can help plzzzzz contack me at, or at

..... thankxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
posted over a year ago.
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moymsk said:
Getting rid of Thomas Gibson is a BIG MISTAKE !!!
As of right now, I am no longer a Fan of this show.
Good Bye !!!
posted 11 months ago.