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My Letter to Stephanie Meyer

Opinion by TriaRose posted over a year ago
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Dear Ms. Meyer,

Hi. I’m Tria. It’s nice to meet you. As you have probably guessed, I am writing to you concerning your series known as “The Twilight Saga.” If you’ll forgive me for being rude, I’d like to be blunt.

You fail.

Again, apologies for my rudeness. If you’ll allow me, I’m going to back up this assumption of your literary failure.

Let’s start with the plots, looking at each book individually, and then the books as a whole.
Twilight: Barely has a plot. The book is 300 or so pages of nothing happening besides mooning on about Edward and his eyes. Then you throw in three random villains, put Bella in danger, and have Edward save the day. Some plot development might have been nice, but no, there is none.
New Moon: Same thing. 300 pages of nothing happening besides zombie-Bella before she has to run and “save” Edward (we’ll get to this later). Again, NO plot development.
Eclipse: You finally learn how to develop a plot, leaving hints about the developing newborn vampire army. But between said hints…nothing happens! Oh, and I’m glad you finally realized that subplots are needed in a book. But those were utter crap (sorry for my rudeness). No one cares that Rosalie’s dad owned a bank. It’s not important.
Breaking Dawn: Did someone tell you that things need to happen in a book? Because it was just overloading us with events at the beginning, most of which didn’t even make sense. I’m pretty sure you were trying to make up for the nothingness of the previous books.
Bella: Edward, despite the fact that you are dead and most likely incapable of producing live sperm, I am pregnant. Please rip my demon baby out of my stomach while breaking my spine.
Jacob: Bella, your newborn infant is my soul mate.
Bella: Well, that’s not creepy at all!
Readers: What the hell am I reading?
After all this unexplainable drama, guess what? Nothing happens! We get all revved up for a big fight, and then the Volturi show and a go “Haha! Just kidding! No fight!” Really, Meyer? Really? I was just sitting there going “Wait..what!? Well, that’s pathetic.” Sweetie, if you’re going to have an epic story, good guys need to die. This softie crap won’t cut it.
As a whole: NOTHING! There is no ultimate plot to your series, and the only thing that connects is the fact that Edward is unable to read Bella’s mind, which turns into her shield, and Victoria and the Volturi. Each of the Twilight books could have stood alone with a few modifications, because there is no overall plot. Meyer—if you’re going to write a series, for gosh sakes connect the books!

Now let’s talk about Edward and Bella’s relationship. Bella notices Edward. Edward thinks Bella smells good, so he follows her and stalks her and watches her sleep. Bella is completely okay with this simply because Edward is hot. After the initial “I stalk you.” “Oh that’s so romantic!” they have a few conversations, decide they’re dating, and BOOM! Soul mates, bonded for life. Wait…what!?
First off, what’s Edward’s initial reason for following Bella? He says it’s to keep her safe, but why should he care? He barely knows her! Sure, she smells like the greatest meal on Earth, but if she dies, less temptation for him. There is no reason for him to go stalking.
Secondly, the only, I repeat, the ONLY reason Bella takes any interest in Bella is because of his looks. Do not even try to deny it, Meyer. Very nice, plain-looking boy (Eric or Mike) talks to her? Nope, leave me alone! Incredible hot boy doesn’t give her a second glance? Oooooh, I want! I would be willing to bet anything that if it had been Mike Newton following her to Port Angeles and watching her sleep, she would have told Charlie and put a stop to it. Very, very shallow.
My third point: Where is the normality in Edward and Bella’s relationship? I know what you’re thinking: “They can’t have a normal relationship because Edward is a vampire!” Fine. But when do they just…go to a movie? Sit down and talk about normal things? Like football. School. Anything! All they ever talk about is vampires, I-love-you-more, I’m-dangerous, or werewolves. And when does Bella ever talk about how much she likes his personality? It’s all about his looks, his eyes, his hair, his eyes. Oh, and how he is perfect at pretty much everything. There is nothing beyond looks and scent in the chemistry between Edward and Bella.

Now let’s talk about your plot holes, shall we? And aren’t they just endless?
1.)    Selective fainting fits. Bella can’t be in a blood-typing Biology lesson, yet is fine in a hospital with soiled bandages next to her? Also, if she can’t stand blood, how does she deal with her period?
2.)    Speaking of periods, how do the vampires stand it? You say, “Dead blood.” I say, “Nice try. No such thing. No difference between regular blood and menstrual blood, except that menstrual blood has uterine lining tissue in it.”
3.)    I’m not sure you know this, but sunlight comes through clouds. So the clouds wouldn’t stop the sparkling. If the bright light is the issue, how do they sit in a brightly lit school all day?
4.)    Vampires have super-hearing, and Edward can usually hear whoever is on the other end of the phone. So why couldn’t Alice figure out that Bella was talking to James?
5.)    Also, why couldn’t Alice see Bella’s escape plan once it had formed in her head?
6.)    Alice and Bella reached the Volturi in two days. Why did it take the Volturi three months to get to Forks?
7.)    No one knows about vampires, and then Bella figures it out in two months. Really?
8.)    Jasper goes ballistic over a simple paper cut, but can attend school, where paper cuts, nosebleeds, and scrapes are daily occurances?
9.)    If people saw Edward sparkling in Volturra, they wouldn’t scream, “VAMPIRE!” They’d say to themselves, “Woah, that guy went a little overboard on the body glitter.” No one but Bella knows that vampires sparkle.
10.)    Speaking of Edward’s suicide, why didn’t he just kill himself? He had to go to the Volturi? Why?
11.)    Edward is apparently incredible smart. So why did he not bother to double check that Bella was actually dead?
12.)    So after killing any human with knowledge of vampires for the past thousand years, the Volturi just decide to make an exception for Bella? Well, how convenient!
13.)    Vampires must not kill/eat in any way that is too noticeable to humans. Unless, of course, it involves killing large groups of tourists at a time. That’s not noticeable at all.
14.)    Edward has two medical degrees, and is unable to go to a blood-typing Biology lesson. How did he get his medical degrees then? Skip pretty much every class?
15.)    Why is Bella the only one that notices the Cullen’s eyes changing color? Is everyone in Forks just that stupid? Also, gold eyes are not natural. Again, are they all just that stupid?
16.)    West coast of Brazil. Did you fail geography?
I could go on, and I’m pretty sure others could add to the list, but I think I’ve made my point. Every book has plot holes and mistakes, but in Twilight, you have made a fool of yourself.

And I’ve saved my final argument for last. I have met many people who don’t mind the books, but simply cannot stand this one aspect of them. For many people, this is the reason that they hate the books, or are anti. Even if you are a fan of Twilight, there are many who simply can’t stand this part of the series.

Bella Swan.

Media was getting some great female characters. Leia was leading the rebel army. Hermione was fighting a Dark Lord. Jo March had decided that she didn’t need a man in her life. Even Jane Eyre was struggling, and independently pulling herself together. We had Eowyn (Lord of the Rings), Lyra Silvertonge (His Dark Materials), Arya (Eragon), and Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson). Women weren’t just the love interest on the side that the epic male hero has to save from danger. We were the ones saving the males, the strong heroines who played an epic and important part in the world-saving that had always belonged to men.
And then along comes Bella Swan.
She is possible the most pathetic female character ever. She sets back the female character back to when women always had to be saved by men. She literally does nothing. And when you do have her “save” Edward from harm, she still does nothing! All she has to do is show herself. Really? That’s the best you can do? Even your other female characters are utter crap! All Alice does is shop and be bubbly. Rosalie is just jealous. Esme jumps off a cliff when her son dies. And Renee is such a crap mother that Bella is the mother figure in her house. Speaking as a woman, I was almost offended when I read the Twilight series. You completely lack female epicness! What surprises me the most about this is that you’re a woman writing for teenage girls. Are you trying to teach them that they are nothing without a man? This is not true! We are absolutely great people without our men! Except Bella, who is a completely useless zombie without her man. I’m so glad that teenage girls everywhere are reading about how useless they are, and how they are worth nothing without a man.
Now, putting the message that Bella sends aside, let’s look at her as a character. You have no idea how painfully obvious is it that Bella is a Mary-Sue self-insertion. It is obvious reading the books that you are writing about you living out your little fantasy of meeting a sparkly vampire. Bella is a total Mary-Sue. She is described by everyone as “mature, selfless, beautiful, special” and yet we see no evidence of this. Do mature high school students go into a depression over the loss of a boyfriend of a few months? Do selfless people ignore their friends and then use them when they are dumped by their boyfriend? How is she beautiful or special? And isn’t it just so great that she’s instantly popular? That she has three guys drooling over her? Oh, and she won’t die jumping off a super high cliff, or even get injured seriously! And the Volturi don’t need to kill her, that’s fine! The list goes on and on. One of the main characteristics of a Mary-Sue is favoritism by the author (you). I think this is what we call favoritism.
Another big Mary-Sue alert is that “good guys” can’t defeat “bad guys” without the Mary-Sue. Beep! Beep! Beep! Alert! Bella is oh-so important and saves the day with her shield! Yes, this goes against what I said in the above paragraph, but as she is saving the day, she still does NOTHING! And isn’t it just so perfect and great that she was struggling for months, but suddenly can operate her shield perfectly on the day of the battle? Wow! What a coincidence! Mary-Sue! Her only flaws are that she is completely male-dependant and can’t do anything for herself, but this is portrayed as being just fine and perfectly acceptable. Really?
Now let’s talk about what sort of role model Bella is. What does she teach girls?
•    You should automatically go for the hottest guy in school, even if he doesn’t date and hates you. Everyone else is beneath you.
•    Ignore nice boys if they are plain-looking.
•    If a hot guy is stalking you, it’s fine! It’s romantic and sweet!
•    A guy’s personality isn’t important. Only his looks matter. Moon on about said looks all the time.
•    Complain. A lot. It’ll get you what you want.
•    Feel free to abandon all your life plans for your boyfriend of barely a year. Who cares about friends and family?
•    Go ahead and ignore all your friends for your boyfriend.
•    If your boyfriend dumps you, go into a depression. Even if you’ve only known him for six months. Then use your friends.
•    Now find the next hot guy. Then jump off a cliff.
•    Yay! Boyfriend’s back! Ignore your friends again.
•    Now kiss and use the next hot guy, even though your boyfriend is back.
•    Now, get married at 18 to your high school sweetheart. That always works out great!
•    Above all, you are useless. Don’t do anything yourself, but always let the men save you.
If that’s what we’re teaching teenage girls today, I really don’t want to live on this planet anymore. I can only count myself lucky that we still have the girls mentioned before, who can actually take care of themselves.

Seeing as this got very long very fast, I think I’d better stop. However, I think I’ve proven the point I made at the beginning.

You fail. Rather epically.



Thanks so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed!

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2.) Speaking of periods, how do the vampires stand it? You say, “Dead blood.” I say, “Nice try. No such thing. No difference between regular blood and menstrual blood, except that menstrual blood has uterine lining tissue in it.”
Menstrual blood has more stem cells and less white blood cells. Just being technical, since that's what you're doing. It's also mixed with a BUNCH of mucus.

But why would that even matter to vampires? Really, the only thing separating the circulating blood from vampires is a very thin layer of skin. Do you really think there's that much of a difference between blood being under your skin and blood being in your pants?

This sparkling was compared to that of a diamond. Now assuming that vampire skin and diamonds have more in common other than how they look, it makes a lot of sense.
Diamond is the most dense mineral on earth, vampires are very dense
Diamonds only sparkle in the light due to refraction (the bending of light as it passes through a specific medium) The light bounces off the multiple sides of the diamond which gives off the apperance of a sparkle. I always figured the vampire skin of compised on multiple diamond like cells, also refracting light, which causes the sparkle.

A diamond willl not sparkle brilliantly in dim light. I don't see why vampire skin would either. The clouds do not completely block out the sun, but they do lessen it's intensity. The dimness will not cause the cells to sparkle. If anything, it would cause for a slight glow, which would account for the paleness.

Let's also assume that the Twilight vampires' skin is only effected by ultraviolet light like all other vampires. (ultraviolet light is not emitted from common light bulbs)

5) She doesn't have visions of every single thing all the time. Besides, I'm pretty sure she did see Bella's plan to sneak away eventually, but couldn't do much about it seeing as they were in a crowded airport.

6) They didn't leave right away. There was no need to either. Really, it's simple.

7) She was fed hint after hint. She'd have to be a complete idiot not to catch on.

8) Jasper has his guard up when he goes to school. He knows what he's stepping into. He was more relaxed in his own home, which he has the right to be.
But be serious. It was a SLIP UP. He messed up once, does this now make him obligated to make mistakes on a regular basis? That's what a mistake is.

9) Only if it literally looks like glitter. I was under the impression that beams of light shoot out of his body. Glitter does not make that happen.

10) How could Edward tear himself apart then burn the pieces?

12) Aro was interested in what her power would be. Are is a power hungry tyrant. He wanted Bella for his guard.

14) There's also the fact that Bella was in that class and she wasn't in medical school with him. (You remember that Bella's blood is more appealing to him than anyone else, right?)

I haven't read the whole thing. I just wanted to address those arguments, because they're common and easy to disprove.
posted over a year ago.
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TriaRose said:
2.) Blood is blood. Sure it's less intense, but still.
3.) I see your point.
5.) She's a vampire with super speed and senses. I think she probably could have stopped Bella.
7.) I still don't see why Edward gave her these hints. No point! Why risk secrecy for someone he barely knows? (See part 2, paragraph 2)
8.) Shouldn't he have his guard up around all humans?
9.) Still, no one knows that vampires sparkle. They wouldn't have known he was a vampire.
12.) So? She's still a human with knowledge. And if he was really a power hungry tyrant who wanted her for his guard, he would have overpowered Edward and Alice, taken Bella, and bitten her. Alice and Edward alone would have been easy to handle.
14.) So, he can't stand a drop of her blood, but than can suddenly suck her blood and stop because of his amazing self-control? Where's the self control then?
posted over a year ago.
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2) Blood is blood, but did you read the second part of that point? What's so different between blood being under a thin layer of skin and blood being in her pants, covered up with multiple layers of clothes?

5) But would she, if surrounded by a crowd of people in an airport? She wasn't able to stop Bella when she hopped on Jacob's bike in a crowded schoolyard. It's the same concept.

7) Because he liked her.

8) Only if he wants to.

9) People wouldn't have to think specifically "vampire" to notice something unusual.

12) So what if he's not the most power hungry of all tyrants ever? She still sparked his curiosity.

14) Sucking her blood was not easy for him. Why would he even want to tempt himself in a classroom full of people?
posted over a year ago.
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I hope you don't intend on sending this to her. It would be pointless, as she would not read it.
posted over a year ago.
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TriaRose said:
2.) Its still more exposed
5) Yes, she could if she tried. Ever heard of knocking people over? Especially if you're a super-strong vampire
7) Does he tell everyone he likes? Wow, I wonder how many girls out there know.
8) At the beginning of the scene, Jasper is described as staying across the room from Bella. I think this is a sign that he has his guard up. So why can he go to school with his guard up if this happens? The others also couldn't handle it. Why can they go to school? It doesn't make sense.
9) It still wouldn't threaten the vampires secrecy. It would make a small newspaper, then fade away. No big deal.
14) If he can suck her blood and stop (even with difficulty), he should be able to handle a single drop of it

All I'm asking is that you accept that there are mistakes and plot holes in Twilight, just like there are in every book. I'm a huge Harry Potter fan (as you've probably noticed) and I'm fine admitting that there are plot holes and mistakes in that series. No book is perfect.

And of course I'm not going to send it to her, and I'm not so naive to think that she would actually read it. I wrote this in a letter to Stephanie to deviate from the traditional "Why I Hate Twilight."
posted over a year ago.
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2) I think this is just nit picking now.

5) Knocking people over? I believe I'm familiar with the concept. Doing that would expose her. It's be a stupid decision.

7) How many girls do you think he's fallen for? He's only had a romantic interest in Bella. This information is in the books.

8) How does it not make sense? Just because he has his guard up at school, that does not mean he's incapable of errors at home. Just because he makes an error at home, that does not mean he can't have his guard up at school. I don't understand why you believe making one mistake now obligates him to make mistakes daily.

9) Maybe, maybe not. It depends on how paranormal it actually looks. (BOOKS, not movie. Screenwriters did not invent the scene) But I doubt there's be a story about a guy shining through his pores in Italy, but then nobody cares.

14) May be, maybe not. Why even risk it? Who really cares that he skipped class that day? He didn't miss out on anything he hasn't already learned.

I already accept that. I just do not believe there's a list miles long. People just warp things to make it look far more flawed than it really is. That's the joy of hatred.
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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SMeyer also fails at history. Rosalie's father owned a bank during the Great Depression, so that was why her family was able to live a comfortable middle life style. Do some research and you'll find this would have been impossible. And this is only one example of how SMeyer fails history.
posted over a year ago.
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"Jacob: Bella, your newborn infant is my soul mate.
Bella: Well, that’s not creepy at all!"

More like Bella flips out and accuses him of being attracted to the baby, and Jacob is shocked that she could possibly think that because he explained how the imprinting works. By the end of the conversation, Bella descends into uncontrollable vampire rage and needs to be restrained.
posted over a year ago.
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No angelica_aw, research actually proves otherwise. Only about half of the banks in America failed during the great depression.
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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TriaRose said:
5.) Oooh, she's knocking people over! She must be a vampire!
8.) This is vampire self-control. This is not a one-time mistake thing. This is how well you control yourself all the time. So if someone gets a paper cut at school, he can handle it, but not when Bella does? It makes no sense at all! He should be able to calm and control himself all the time if he can do it at school.
9.) Sweetie, you've just proved what I was trying to say: Nobody cares!
14.) It makes no sense. Can go to medical school, cannot handle drop of blood. I have a feeling he would have skipped even without Bella
posted over a year ago.
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5) Okay... If you're in an airport, knocking people over, the authorities aren't going to just ignore you. This would be considered suspicious behavior. Airports don't like suspicious behavior. There are security cameras in airports. She'd most likely outrun security guards, but she can't outrun security cameras. These cameras would see her. If she starts zooming away at the speed of a car, they can be sure to notice something strange.

8) Yeah... Whoever said he was flawless? I'm sorry, but could you please explain why he's not allowed to make mistakes? Hoe do mistakes not make sense? How does demanding perfection at all times, no matter what make sense? Sense we're being beyond nit-picky, beyond reasonable terms, try looking put the "Self Control Theory". It doesn't mean completely flawless at all times.

9) No, actually, I said "I doubt there's be a story about a guy shining through his pores in Italy, but then nobody cares. " You can shorten that to "I doubt ... nobody cares". Please don't call me sweetie. I don't appreciate being condescended in that way by anyone.

14) Assumptions. I suppose i can't argue with stubborn assumptions.
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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wishey said:
I agree that Bella is a horrible character.
posted over a year ago.
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Have you even read the books? Obviously you didn't understand the them very well if you did. Half of what you said is just crap you made up to make yourself look like you know what you're talking about. Just because Bella is constantly rescued by Edward, doesn't mean that the message of the book is that you need a man to be complete. And Bella does not only like Edward becuase of his looks, she says in the first book that he's so much more than just a hot guy. All four of the books do have plots. Lots of things happen.
It says in Twilight that no one ever pays much attention to the Cullens, that they have a natural aversion to them, so that's why no one but Bella notices their eyes changing colors. Or anything else like that. Gold eyes do exist, I have a friend whose eyes are a golden yellow and he doesn't wear contacts, they're his real eyes. So it's possible.
Yes, it's creepy that Edward stalks Bella and that Jacob is "soulmates" with Renesmee, but that's just a part of the story. Get used to it.
posted over a year ago.
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Great article.
posted over a year ago.
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@TriaRose: Girl...

You took the words right outta my mouth! That is EXACTLY how I would say it!

Seriously, did you really send it to Meyer?
posted over a year ago.
last edited over a year ago
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TriaRose said:
No. I wrote it this way to deviate from the traditional "Why Twilight Sucks" article.
posted over a year ago.
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Oh... *sighs in disappointment* And here I thought you did. :( 'Cause, honestly speaking, it would've been kinda cool. I don't see anything wrong with what you wrote at all; and I don't think it as "rude" or "Twi-bashing" if you'd sent it to Stephenie Meyer, either.

Why? Because I totally get your point the whole time I read this! ^^

Here are parts that made me agree with you all the way (along with parts that made the saga "poorly-written" in terms of the details). I wonder if you noticed them, too?

In Twilight:
1. Exactly--and here I thought I was the only one who noticed: Despite the fact Bella was with Jasper when she thought of the whole "escape from my vampire bodyguards" thing, I'm pretty sure Alice could've/should've kept tabs on Bella the moment she thought of escaping and going to James. After all, in Eclipse, didn't Edward kind of said that vampires can concentrate on many things at the same time? So that would mean that even though Alice was keeping an eye on James, she could've also kept an eye on Bella's future.
2. Regarding Carlisle's suicide attempt. Didn't he think of hurling himself in a volcano? It's not like vampires are immune to lava. If fire can kill them, lava can, too. :/

In New Moon:
1. Bella totally zombified herself throughout more than halfway through the book, attempted death-defying stunts just to hear Edward's voice, contacted Jacob, had fun with, then when Alice showed up, she snubbed him. Seriously, Bella?! Okay, okay, we all know how much of a jerk Jacob became after he became a werewolf/shape-shifter/ah-whatever-you--ca­ll-­the­m, but, ugh, Bella, weren't you the jerk for using him for the pathetic reason of hearing Edward's oh-so velvet-sweet voice?
2. Edward bothers going to the Volturi JUST TO KILL HIMSELF. Another dumb suicide attempt similar to Carlisle's in Twilight. Come on, Edward, it can't be that hard to find a volcano or pick a fight on some random vampire out there. -_-
3. So much for Edward "being smart." Didn't he at least think of checking on Bella instead of simply believing Alice's vision or Rosalie's words?!
4. The Volturi let Bella go. Imagine that. It's like running into a stranger who wants to borrow money from you, giving them the money, and saying, "Hey, give me back what you owe me next week, same time, same place." Sure, sure, Aro knows Carlisle, but does he know everyone in Carlisle's family? It's either a.) The Volturi have TOO MUCH trust in Edward and Alice, b.) they're absolutely stupid for thinking that, thinking Demetri can track 'em down, or c.) Stephenie Meyer really wanted Bella to NOT die. Just another bad detail.
5. Bella backtalking on Charlie (okay, some of you may not find this much of a big deal). He threatens her, and she threatens him back</u>. Sure, sure, "she's a teenager," but was Renee really <i>that crappy a mother that Bella would go so far as to call her own father by first name (I thought in the first chapter of Twlight she "wasn't allowed to call her father 'Charlie' at his face"? She called him "Charlie" lots of times!), and even threaten him like that? I'm a Filipino, and I really don't think the vast majority of our society actually do that. It's another thing that makes Bella a bad example not just for Filipinos, but for other countries out there who take family virtues very seriously. Let me say this: Bella has no respect for her friends AND family at all. You can talk about how she wanted to "keep them safe" but that doesn't change the fact she backtalked Charlie just because she's 18 and, as Charlie said in the very first chapter of Eclipse, she dumped all her other friends just for Edward.

In Eclipse:
1. Jealous crap. More Bella-backtalks-at-Charlie stuff. How long did this stretch? So long that it occupied an entire book?
2. Certain details weren't necessary, such as Rosalie's dad and his job. And in the end, what, Rosalie was jealous of Bella? Big surprise. *heavy sarcasm*
3. Edward annoyed me too much here. Jacob was, too, but it was mildly bearable. Edward went so far as to stop Bella from being with Jacob, any way he could. "Werewolves are too dangerous," huh? So it's deadly if Bella were to be with werewolves, but it's okay for her to be with vampires?! If that doesn't make you scream, "HYPOCRITES!" I don't know what will.
4. Bella seducing Edward for sex. Crap, Bella, just plain crap.
5. Jane and the others. They didn't rant an exception for Bree yet they still let Bella go despite she was still human? How do you explain yourselves? "Aro's orders"?

In Breaking Dawn:
1. Bella was all "oh, I'm fine" when Edward trashed her body. And she was...happy? Stupid, stupid Bella. So you're okay if he hurts you as long as you know he loves you?!
2. Bella needed Jacob so much from Book 2 of Breaking Dawn, nearly every vampire was comfortable with him (even Edward), then came Book Three, and everyone was all "oh, who cares about the werewolves?" Who's the jerk NOW, Bella Swan?! Is that the way you treat people who sacrificed the loyalty of their pack on your expense? If I were Jacob you'd hear a truckload of swearing. And, oh, Edward, you didn't really show your gratitude when Jacob granted the exception. Slave for life, please? *more heavy sarcasm* Despite how mad you are on Jake's imprinting on your child, you could've really expressed your gratitude.
3. Jacob imprinting on a BABY. I can see why Bella hates you, Jake. Doesn't Renesmee get a choice?
4. Irina tells on the Volturi, yet it took them a solid month to get there. Don't tell me they're "making arrangements." I still think Meyer wrote that to give the Cullens time to get reinforcements. I always knew she wouldn't let her characters go. XP
5. Oh, what are we without Bella’s mental shield? *more heavy sarcasm* Please, just please. From Twlight to Breaking Dawn, she did absolutely NOTHING! And she was all “I’m shivering in fear when I’m around vampires but not my boyfriend and his family” from the very first book to Book 2 of Breaking Dawn, and she had to be a vampire to fight. Yet even as a vampire she still did NOTHING. The only person she ever really tackled was Seth, who was totally innocent it made me want to pound my pen through Bella’s name on the page.
At least the movie version gave Bella some REAL fight scenes. Props to the movie for that.

The Twlight Saga Overall:
Don’t get me wrong—I’m not a Twi-hater despite my heavy criticism. I. Am. A. Twi-lover (sorry, it’s true—I won’t lie to myself) but I’m NOT a Twi-hard (translation: hardcore Twilight fan). What I love about the saga is that it really kept a good balance between romance and suspense and action (as many book reviewers said themselves), but other than the story’s genre, the story itself was only a mild “okay” for me, and everything else is just plain crap. The details were pathetic, the plot was full of hair-pulling “ughs” and the characters were soooo not relating. (Seriously, I don’t see why anyone would want a boyfriend like Edward or a friend like Bella or a sister like Alice or even a mother like Esme. The females were crap characters and the only okay female character there for me was Leah Clearwater, who did a really good job telling Sam to butt out and that she belonged where she wanted to be.) It really did a good job balancing between romance, suspense and action, but for me it wasn’t enough for the Twlight Saga to rival the <Harry Potter</i> series or even the Hunger Games trilogy. “Move over, Harry Potter” my as$!
Twlight seems more like a fanfiction or a personal fantasy than an actual story to me (we’ll get to that later).
Also, I’m one of the people out there who think Bella is a Mary Sue. Why?
1. She bears a physical resemblance to author Stephenie Meyer. I like to write stories and let me tell you, thank GOD I never put myself in my own story! Now I know it’s not gonna work. This led me to suspect if Stephenie Meyer made fantasies about herself and typed it out of boredom until it was long enough to be an actual story.
2. The only flaw mentioned/ described throughout the entire four books was her clumsiness. Everything else it’s just hidden—or, if not hidden, it lacked acknowledgement in the books. I saw selfishness, disrespect, and many others, but then NO DETAIL of it was even acknowledged by any of the characters or by the author herself. No wonder many Twilight fans believe the crap saying Bella’s selfless, independent and whatever.
3. She “learns things faster and adjusts to her vampire life and handles her thirst better than other vampires.” Another Mary Sue trait. She may have had time to prepare herself for vampire life, but I don’t think just knowing a lot about vampires is enough to know what it’s like to be a vampire. It’s like a gay who wants to be a girl—no matter how much feminine info you know, and no matter HOW MUCH you know what all the “female stuff” is really like, you don’t really know what being a girl in itself REALLY means until you’re REALLY a girl.

Okay, I think I made this one LONG comment. It’s probably enough to be an article now lol. XD
But really, TriaRose (yes, I was talking to you this entire time XD), as I’ve said, it would’ve been real cool if you’d sent it to Meyer. After all, what’s life without criticisms? She shouldn’t be surprised to face the reality that her Twlight Saga wasn’t all that’s cracked up to be.
What did you think of some of my speculation, BTW? Did you notice those “little flaws,” too?
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Hmm... I'm thinking you just didn't pay close enough attention to the books.
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I think it would be good to send Stephenie Meyer a letter like that too - in my experience, authors do like constructive criticism, but I don't think it would get through. Meyer's brother screens all her fan mail, and I don't think criticism gets through. I found this article on one of Goodreads.com's forum.

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Haha, I applauded Seth for writing that letter when I first read it. The first letter was ridiculous.
Seth is awesome.
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@cassie- 1-2-3: If you think I'm criticizing because I didn't really read the books, then you've got another think coming. I've read the books not once, but thrice, and it still didn't change the way I thought of the whole thing when I read it!

Also, I took a look at link in Book-Freak's comment, and let me just say: That Seth is SUCH AN ASS!
Look, Seth, I know how much you want to prevent your sis from criticisms that'll hurt her feelings, but she should learn to accept that the world isn't all butterflies and rainbows just 'cause you made your work public!!!
So Stephenie's bro says that "they're her characters, so she can do what she wants." Then WHY THE HELL NOT LET HER READ HER MAIL INSTEAD OF HIDING IT FROM HER OR LETTING HER SEE ONLY THE GOOD STUFF?!

HEELLLLLOOOOOOO?! No one's gonna improve if you think everyone is all "Oh, Ladida~" on your work! As TriaRose stated in her article, "All the softie crap won't cut it!

What Seth's doing is wrong, wrong, WRONG!!!

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Wow, i didn't say you didn't read the books, lol.
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2) Blood can easily soak through pants. Does blood soak through skin? If you placed a woman "wearing pants" on her period into shark-infested waters, would she be able to survive, if the sharks caught a whiff of her blood? I'm sure we all seen Finding Nemo, right? I assure you that I am NOT a biology major, nor have I studied biology, but this is what seems logical to me. Feel free to prove me wrong, I'm merely asking.

3) You do know that Edward was sparkling in the the artifical lighting of the Volturi, right?

8) Why would Jasper not want to have his guard up around Bella? Bella is still human. Blood still runs in Bella. He should have his guard up at all times around humans! Of course he's allowed to make mistakes, they're not saying that he isn't. I have been around many nosebleeds throughout my time in school. A drop of blood does not come out in nosebloods. Blood is usally gushing out. I can not understand how Jasper would be able to have that much self-control. Even if he does have his guard up. And how long has Jasper been a "vegetarian"? Fifty years or so, right? So this one time, someone recieves a paper cut, and Jasper loses control? You would think he'd mastered drops of blood at this point considering he went to high school for many years.

10) It would most definitely be possible for Edward to kill himself. He could've picked a fight with a vampire, thrown himself into a volcano, or pay a vampire to kill him. It can't be that hard to do.

Now, I have some of my own plot-holes that I would love to hear your opinion on.

Bella has stated in Twilight that she wasn't very popular back in Arizona. No one asked her to school dances, but suddenly she arrives in Forks, and she's little Miss Popular? We got Mike, Tyler, Eric, Edward, and Jacob all crushing on Bella. That seems a little odd. Did Bella get a face transplant or undergo other means of plastic surgery?

In New Moon, Alice said that she hopped on a plane, but Carlisle's car was in the driveway. Did Alice bring the car with her? I did not know that planes were allowed to carry cars.

There's no way Bella and Alice got to Volterra in such a short time. It's the middle of spring break, plane tickets should be nonexistent, and did Bella and Alice not have to go through security check points? Assuming they did NOT have to go through security check points, which is impossible, there is still no way they could have arrived in Italy on time. But of course, logic doesn't apply in Meyerland!

How do people not notice large groups of tourists disappearing? These people should have families and friends who would surely notify the police of their disappearance.

Why did Charlie congratulate Jacob on kissing his daughter, when Bella clearly did not want to be kissed? He's a father, he should be angry.

Renee did not come to see Bella at the party in Eclipse because of Phil. But why would she choose Phil over her own daughter? Phil could've been taken care of by his own family.

The west coast of Brazil plot-hole just kills me because that could've easily been solved, if Meyer had just taken the few seconds to do research. But instead it's another plot-hole. Boy, this story has so many plot-holes it's more riddled than swiss cheese.

Last, but certaintly not least, I do hope you're joking about Seth's letter. If you are, completely disregard this portion of the comment. However, the letter was rude and tactless. I cannot fathom why you would think it's awesome. The girl was respectful, and only wanted Meyer's response.
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2. Okay... it is possible for blood to soak through pants, but did it?

3. no

8. Because he is in his own home. He has the right. It's called a mistake. you said he's allowed to make them, and he did. He made one mistake. That is all.

10. Or he could have just freaked out a few people and have the Volturi do it.
You know, that way the Cullens wouldn't make a new enemy, or feel the need to avenge their fallen family member. If Edward broke the law, he deserved to be punished and he's confident his family would realize that. (It worked with the Denali)
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Bella has stated in Twilight that she wasn't very popular back in Arizona. No one asked her to school dances, but suddenly she arrives in Forks, and she's little Miss Popular? We got Mike, Tyler, Eric, Edward, and Jacob all crushing on Bella. That seems a little odd. Did Bella get a face transplant or undergo other means of plastic surgery?
Arizona and Washington are two vastly difference places.
Phoenix and Forks are also two vastly different places.
They contain different types of people.
There's also her being new, turning a new leaf, starting off fresh. Nobody in Forks have memories of her peeing on herself in 3rd grade, or seeing her sitting alone all the time at lunch, or remember any awkward or embarrassing moments (anything that may or may not have happened.) that influence how you feel about a person
Making friends and being attractive is not all about your face. Not all people are that shallow.

In New Moon, Alice said that she hopped on a plane, but Carlisle's car was in the driveway. Did Alice bring the car with her? I did not know that planes were allowed to carry cars.
Both air carriers and ground shipment exist.

There's no way Bella and Alice got to Volterra in such a short time. It's the middle of spring break, plane tickets should be nonexistent, and did Bella and Alice not have to go through security check points? Assuming they did NOT have to go through security check points, which is impossible, there is still no way they could have arrived in Italy on time. But of course, logic doesn't apply in Meyerland!
I have not even bothered calculating how long it took for them to travel. I know they didn't get there is a few hours, though. They were traveling for quite a while.
I'm not going to take your word for it, I'd rather investigate myself, when I feel like it.

How do people not notice large groups of tourists disappearing? These people should have families and friends who would surely notify the police of their disappearance.
Nobody said it went unnoticed.
And nobody said that was the only way the Volturi ever eats. Nobody said they eat like that regularly. They don't have huge festivals every day. If it only happened once, during a large festival on a holiday, it's not really all that shocking. "12 people went missing in Italy one day". That's not an impressive headline.

Why did Charlie congratulate Jacob on kissing his daughter, when Bella clearly did not want to be kissed? He's a father, he should be angry.
Because he's not the greatest father in the world. How is this a plot hole?

Renee did not come to see Bella at the party in Eclipse because of Phil. But why would she choose Phil over her own daughter? Phil could've been taken care of by his own family.
Because she has priorities.
Phil's career that will effect their lives and futures is more important than Bella's party.

Nope, I wasn't joking about anything. I don't think the first letter was respectful at all. Using large words and not cursing doesn't mean you're being respectful.
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nemo1443 said:
Seems a bit harsh, yet true. I honestly don't see why SMeyer can't take criticism that would help her books. Oh well, too late to take it.

I haven't read the Twilight series, so please bear with me...

Why did Charlie congratulate Jacob on kissing his daughter, when Bella clearly did not want to be kissed? He's a father, he should be angry.
---Maybe because Charlie likes Jacob? I really don't know, maybe at some point Charlie thought Jacob was a really good man for Bella...? (I don't see why he would say that, but this is SMeyer's story we're talking about...)

How do people not notice large groups of tourists disappearing? These people should have families and friends who would surely notify the police of their disappearance.
---Well, uhh, wouldn't it be reasonable that if it happened during a large festival on a holiday (like Cassie123 said), tourists would leave after the festival? Now, if it's just random times, yes, that would be pretty weird... But tourists do leave after some point. And if they were still checked into hotel rooms (if any) after their disappearance, that would probably be worth telling... But yeah, friends and family would probably call (that's if they care) and if the tourists did leave, they should have told friends and family where they were going...

Like I said before, I haven't read the books so don't get mad with me. I'm just trying to look at this in the most reasonable way...
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This is pointless
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