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28 Reasons That ‘Twilight’ the Movie Is Better Than ‘Twilight’ the Book



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Asvini said:
That does sound like an improvement. I still wouldn't see it if I was paid because, well, spraying perfume in a room full of cat poop is also an improvement. Doesn't mean I wanna hang out in poop-room.

Ok, 'room full 'o' poop' isn't exactly a friendly analogy for Twilight, sorry fans. Caffeine made me do it. I can't be held accountable for the mean things I say after this much caffeine, can I? *offers apologetic cookie to offended fans*
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*eats apologetic cookie*
*spits out*
Next time, make a better apology cookie ;)

Well, at least those things were improved. Improved things that I don't care about much:/
Book is STILL better then the movie, in my opinion. Because the acting just ruined the whole thing for me. Seriously.
posted over a year ago.
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LOL! 'at no point in the movie did this scene occur' I'm yet to read the book, I read the blurb and really didn't like the sound of it (sorry fans of twilight, please don't kill me)(seriously, have you SEEN what some rabid fans hane done?!?! not nice)
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