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Universes Collied  horse22133454 52 2110 9 months ago
Chaos Has Erupted (Percy Jackson and Harry Potter crossover)  pink-bookworm 42 2030 over a year ago
Everything Changes (Harry Potter and Hunger Games)  pink-bookworm 10 696 over a year ago
Dead by Day Alive by Night  JJFlowers 50 2219 over a year ago
Black Rain(Cross with HoO & Mortal instruments)  Riptide11 36 2052 over a year ago
A long way gone.............  Kaia143 26 1331 over a year ago
Percy Jackson in Hogwarts  GoRgOnxx 93 7075 over a year ago
The Final Fall  Wisdoms_Child 65 2769 over a year ago
maximum ride goes to camp half blood [pls read it!!!!!]  fanforbooks 14 736 over a year ago
Preview: Jigsaw's Rebirth  VladGal365 0 73 over a year ago
maximum ride meeting bella swan  fanforbooks 17 401 over a year ago
Percy and Max ride: Wings of the sea  godoffate1 102 4287 over a year ago
thedemigodhungergames  Alvin2442 29 959 over a year ago
Percy and the hunger games  kristalovepercy 102 4389 over a year ago
the narnian rage  percabeth_forev 67 1674 over a year ago
Percy Jackson meets The Kanes (When you have people who blow up stuff this munch? And they meet? Well... you know it's going to be good!) -KatieK101  KatieK101 15 323 over a year ago
Percy's new 'car'(PJO/TF)  Nicolicious 59 3077 over a year ago
I meet the seven!  percabeth_forev 10 295 over a year ago
Percy Jackson Hunger Games  wisegirl778 91 2995 over a year ago
Crash-Landing  Artemis_Star 54 1624 over a year ago