Crossovers Percy and the hunger games

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Percy and the hunger games

Rating: 13+

Characters: Percy Jackson series,and hunger game people

Disclaimer: i don't own the Percy Jackson and the Olympions series or the hunger game series

this is in dedication to

misterperfect for believing in me when I didn't believe in myself.

percy4forever for inspiring me to always do my best

darkrai6543 for guiding me along the way when I got lost

to icuSTALKER for helping me back up when I was down

and all of my other friends!

heres the description

Percy lived a normal life in district 4 with
his little brother his mom
and his step dad Gabe,
till his real dad (Poseidon)
warned him that something big would
happen and he would
have to protect a demi-god but he cant
tell him who it is,
the next day during the reaping for
the 100th game
president Snow makes it interesting
by having 4 times the
players but when his little brother
(Tyson) was picked
to join the hunger games what happens
next is anyones guess!

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over a year ago kristalovepercy said…
Chapter 1

Stupid me, why else would Katie
need help with her net! She just had to catch me in a net
and tie me to a tree branch just out of reach
of the ground.I could have died of embarrassment!
John, one of district 4 peacekeepers said
that I would have to stay after
to make up for my ‘foolishness’ as if I wanted
to hang from a tree! but no one would listen to
a twelve year old or beleve that sweet little
katie would do such a mean thing,
Tyson my brother stood up for me but
no one takes him seriously.
So here I am now running through the street
after making twenty nets
and fifteen hooks as punishment. My mom will
be returning from a day of basket weaving,
fishing and waterpurifying while soon but at
least Gabe will be selling fish and
perls and other sea
related things ant the fish market
for two or three more hours,
but if I don’t get home before dark I’ll be
given double the work tomorrow! And that’s when a sea
monster started to attack our fish supply that
I was suppost to take in (opps!) we do get a
occational sea monster every now after all
most of the people in district 4 are
children or in some way related to Poseidon
but this one was extra large compared to the
others, I just had to stop it! but I had left
riptide at home, a present from my father its
very rare that we get swords or anything
form the gods
but when we do its for when they need our help,
and without riptide I had to fight the monster
with my water powers I got from my dad Poseidon
I made a fist and punched the monster but it came
right back as it spat acid at me i formed a sheald
out of water to block it and I reflected
it back at the overgrown snake when it
died I turned and saw...
over a year ago kristalovepercy said…
Chapter 2

Starving. That one word sums up my entire life,
all my life I’ve never had a more then a slice
of bread and scraps I can find on the street.
District twelve, where you can safely starve to death.
Sometimes my friend, Katniss Everdeen sneaks out
into the meadow to hunt with her friend Gale or me,
I’ve asked her if there was anything between her
and gale but it’s always the same answer,
no. I can understand why she doesn’t
want a boyfriend, I never had anyone special in my
life it’s just me my knife and my books, and that’s
okay with me. I got my knife and books from my mother Athena.
Not many people are demi-gods, and of those
few there are only about 3 children of Athena in district 12.
Almost all of the other demi-gods are children of
Hermes god of thieves or Apollo god of the sun and music.
we all try to help each other out by sharing
food but it wont stop us from starving.
Today I get to go out hunting with Katniss in the meadow.
We stand silent and listen for the hum of the fence,
its suppose to have electricity but we only get
three hours of electricity if we’re lucky. But
the fence is silent so we crawl under the small
hole in the fence. As Katniss retrieves her bow
I take a good look at the woods, a sight for
sore eyes after living in district 12, where the
only color is black from all of the coal. At
the end of the woods a beautiful meadow stretches
out for miles covered with flowers while rabbits
hop around freely, and fish swim happily through
the stream and deer graze carelessly on the
grass, fresh apples, peaches and oranges hang on
the trees along with other fine fruit. This
view was almost too good to be true! But we had
work to do. We start out by setting our polls
in the water then we move on to gathering and finally
we hunt at the end of the day we’ve caught
five rabbit’s twelve small fish, and two deer. Most
of this goes to Katniss and gale because they
have big families to feed while I live all by myself.
My family died helping people out of a mine
explosion when I was seven years old. I had no
other family members to turn to. So now I just
stay with Katniss, prim and her mom. as we were
heading back I...
over a year ago kristalovepercy said…
Chapter 3

JANE! if I could, I would kill her. Jane one of district 11 ‘new peacekeepers’, or so she says, made the kids stay after time for two kids mistakes, ours. But I guess I should expect that with this being districted 11 the more work the better.
One time they had to send me home because I had fainted from exhaustion and got punished for fainting the next morning.

Jake had things like that happen to him too. We both come from big families so we try to help each other out by putting a little food to the side to give to our brothers and sisters so they won’t starve. As soon as kids hit five they have to start working in the fields, all of my siblings are old enough to work in the field early in the morning, and come home crying from hunger so we decided to give a save a small portion to give them, but it’s never enough. So Jake and I thought we could trade some of our stuff for food, but that what got us in trouble.

Apparently kids weren’t allowed to deal with money out in public, so all the kids had to stay after, so naturally we got beat up after we were done with work “I’m so sorry rue! Are you ok?” Jake asked. He took most of the hits to protect me. “Am I ok? You’re the one that got hit!” I say on the verge of tears “don’t cry rue, I’m fine!” “But Jake” “no Rue” he said cutting me of “I’m fine” “ok…” I whispered barely there, but I knew he wasn’t letting on how hurt he was, but this was my street. “Bye Jake” I said in the same tone, “see you rue” and with those words I turned down my street.

my fast footsteps going down the pavement in fear of attack even though no one was in sight “hey you, come here” said a voice behind me I didn’t recognize the voice and I didn’t dare turn back but instead I quickened my pace, I was half way there when the voice caught up to me anger quickly filled me to the point where I was shaking. It was Jane. “Oh, Jane what a…nice surprise it is to see you. I didn’t expect you to be in this part of the district” I said sarcastically while still walking “I came to tell you that you should watch what you do, and say. You don’t want to have me give you another punishment like that last one do you?” she said like she was talking to a 3 year old.

“No mam, I wouldn’t like that at all” I said through my teeth. We had finally reached my house. “Good! Then I will see you tomorrow” she said with a smile, like we were best friends. “Goodbye mam” I said slamming the door in her face. “RUE!” screamed my siblings my head snapped towards them…
over a year ago kristalovepercy said…
Chapter 4

The one girl, the only one for me and she won’t even look at me. And the worst part is there’s another man in her life. Gale. I’m not sure if they have anything between them but they always are together, I can still remember when I meet her.

“YOU STUPID BOY! DID YOU EVEN HEAR ME?!” oh man! My mom will kill me for not listening to her! “No…” “I knew it! We should have thrown you out a soon as you were born! But your father wanted to keep you, he’s just like you, irresponsible! And immature!” “Yes, sorry mother!” “Now as I was saying, take this bread to the Smiths house. And be quick about it!” she said a bit calmer, but still mad “ok” it was pouring outside, but delivering bread is our only way of getting money so rain or shine it had to be done.

When we heard sloshing steps I froze and peered out the window. My mom went outside to see what was going on, and I followed. It was a girl form the seam about my age; she was checking our garbage bin which my mom hated.

“GET OUT OF HERE! DO YOU WANT ME TO CALL THE PEACEKEEPERS?!” the girl gently placed the lid on the bin. Luckily a customer walked in and my mom had to go serve them and I followed her inside, but I knew that I couldn’t leave that poor girl outside! So I got an idea. I went over to the bread and pushed to loaves of bread in the fire.

My mom turned around and saw what I did and pulled me into another room and hit me with one of the boards we use to put bread in the oven. “YOU IDIOT! FEED THIS TO THE PIGS! And I grabbed the bread and ran outside. I slowly picked of the burnt parts of the bread, when most of it was off I looked around to be sure that my mom wasn’t there and then threw the bread to the girl and ran.

Not the best first impression but at least the girl got the food she needed. And still I haven’t gotten the courage to speak to her. “Peeta are you busy? We need you to deliver bread to the Everdeen, but I can if your busy” “NO!” I said throwing the door open. My dad smiled at that. “I mean…no, I can handle that” I said composing myself. “If you say so” and then he was gone.

I slowly grabbed the bread and went on my way the bread was pecan bread it looked wonderful, I have never gotten bread fresh and warm; Katniss must have been up at the crack of dawn hunting to afford this bread.

I knocked on the door it opened slightly and then fully. There she was, My heart skipped a beat, she was beautiful and radiant. “Oh, hello thanks for the bread.” My heart was pounding! But I was able to choke out “y..y..your welcome!” Oh no! I must have sounded like an idiot! “By the way I’m Katniss” she held her hand out “Peeta” I shook her hand, it was soft and smooth but it had a lot of scars. “Well I better get going” and she shut the door, I was glad I got to talk to her but my day took a dark turn when…
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
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Congrats on being the first person on posting a crossover on here.
over a year ago kristalovepercy said…

Annabeth and I were in the woods hunting. It was a slow day, but we caught a good amount of food just enough for both families. I stored my bow in the hollow tree while Annabeth listened for electricity in the fence. It was safe. We slid under the small hole in the fence and into district 12. We passed a few buildings and as we were turning the corner she said that she had to take care of something, I got a strange feeling of protection, but I let her go. But when her figure was engulfed in the darkness of the alley, I couldn’t help but follow her. The mist made it impossible to see. Wait, mist? There was no water or any substance that could create this mist.

That’s when I saw an old woman walking down the cold alley
"Ma'am? Are you okay?” I asked.
“Oh, why hello, Katniss, Annabeth.”
I took a step back. How could she know my name? I had never seen this woman before. Maybe Annabeth did? I looked around to see where she was. “Annabeth," I called not letting the worry into my voice, “where are you?”
“Oh don’t worry dear; your friend is closer than you think.”
I glanced behind me and there she stood with a dagger in one hand and a hat in the other. “I don’t understand,” I whispered.
“Oh, you poor thing. I would hate for you to die without knowing why I am going to kill you,” she said kindly like as if she didn’t say she was going to murder me. I took a step back, in fear of what she would do.
“You wouldn’t dare!” growled Annabeth.
“Dear, I can do whatever I want.”

The next thing that happened made me think I was going mad. The woman’s coat turned in to wrinkled wings and her hand bag turned into a fiery whip, but the worst thing was her eyes. They were a deep black hole of darkness and evil, filled with a fierce raging fire. “Well honey any last words?”
The only thing that came out of me was a high pitched scream.
And that’s when Annabeth leapt into action, rolling, slicing, and chopping. She was amazing! I ran to the forest to retrieve my bow so we could both fight her, but when I returned I saw the most horrific thing, which was.....
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over a year ago kristalovepercy said…

My beautiful trees, gone. Their lives were cut much too short. Literally. Today all of the trees we had grown were chopped down, and sold to the capitol. We were given 50 cents a tree, in all I was given $5.00 just enough for a slice of bread, and some oats. Juniper was pleased with the amount of money we received. She said that she would make a nice soup for us. I went to go get the food for it but I came to a halt.

I stopped when I saw the most hideous thing, an agent from the capital. I filled with anger and hatred as I saw what he wore, a black leather suit with a silk tie. He walked over to me, hands behind his back, and said “hello, are you Grover?” in the capital accent. “Yes” I spat, in pure disgust. “Why do you care who I am?” “Well Grover, some one very special who wants to see you.” I was taken back by his reply, who would want to see me?

Two men came as soon as he finished one in a car and the other on foot. “Won’t you take a ride with us?” I quickly took a few steps back, in fear of what they would do to me. “What’s wrong? Are you afraid? We just want to talk.” I took a few more steps back. “Alright, we’ll do this the hard way, boys” I ran, but they were too fast for me. They grabbed me and threw me in the car.

“LET ME GO” I screamed, I tried to sound threating, but it didn’t come out that way. We must have driven for miles. The windows were tinted black to the point of where I couldn’t see outside. They lead me into a room, it was pitch black. “Grover! How nice it is to meet you” the room was filled with a strange smell of blood and roses…
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
Awesome chap.
over a year ago kristalovepercy said…
thanks! :) 6 chapters in 7 minutes, that has to be a new record!
over a year ago pink-bookworm said…
hahs totally.
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I love it!!!!! Post soon please!!!!
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Post soon, krista!!!:D thanks for moving it here!!…though you technically didn't have to but awesome chapters!!:D please post soon!!! What happened to Grover????:OO
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I'm confused, weren't Peeta and Katnis in the 74th? Oh well it is good anyway
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