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icuSTALKER posted on Apr 03, 2012 at 05:43PM
Hey guys!!!:D
Guess what? I finished Mockingjay yesterday and wondered if I could make a crossover of Percy Jackson jazz and The Hunger Games stuffz!:D
I did not steal any ideas from kristalovepercy because I came up with this a few seconds ago and it's a total twist:D
So, just bear with me, and tell me if you like the idea. I found Mockingjay's ending somewhat dissatisfying. So to relieve me of this mental, plaguing curse of dissatisfaction, I am posting a crossover :D.
O.O If this crossover fails, we're all screwed O.O
Title: The Second Uprising
Rating: T, just to be safe :D
Type: Crossover, Adventure, Violence, Drama, Conspiracy Theory, and Much More...
Characters: Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Gale Hawthorne (did I spell that right?), Percy Jackson, Jason Grace, Annabeth Chase, Hyacinth Mellark, Ruen Mellark, and many more that I cannot name right now...

Summary: All the Districts are at peace. There's no trouble with Katniss' family and she knows she's safe. Her children are protected. Peeta is fine. She's content to be with her family where she is now and President Snow has been executed, Coin assassinated. She ignores the nightmares and looks forward to a new world full of security. But when her old friend, Gale, appoints himself president of Panem, the country is thrown into havoc. Gale wants her dead, along with Peeta, and takes their children captive to prove it. Katniss has to get up and fight again, and she's not sure if she can do it, until a young man by the name of Percy Jackson shows up at her door. As Katniss strives to get her children back with the help of some new friends, she finds Gale isn't the same man she knew before. Will she, Peeta, and several other demigods save Panem and her children before it's too late? Or will they not be able to stop Gale from issuing more Hunger Games and her execution?

Percy doesn't know what happens when he and his friends charge Kronos. One minute they're fighting giants, evil earth goddesses, and Titans, and the next, they're thrown into a barren wasteland that's struggling to heal. Annabeth guesses they've time fractured, but have they really? Were they thrown into the future? Percy wants answers, and he seeks them in a woman, who looks like she's lost everything. And Percy being Percy, he decides to help her and her husband, throwing him and his friends into worse dangers than he could ever imagine. Will they be able to help their new friends in this time period? And will they ever get back home?

Peeta isn't happy. He was planning the rest of his life to be safe and fulfilling. But obviously that isn't going to happen when Gale becomes president. Not only that, but when a group of strange people, who call themselves 'demigods', appear, Peeta's mind is cast into turmoil. Demigods aren't supposed to be alive. Does Katniss know? Unfortunately, no. And Peeta doesn't want her to find out. And when she trusts them right away, he's not happy and keeps and icy distance. After that, the hijacking symptoms are pounding at him, making it worse.

Jason is on the brink of danger. After an accident in the Gaea War, he became temporarily mute. Although Chiron said he would heal, he doesn't know when that will be. But it's not going to be soon enough when he finds out he's meant to help a new conspiracy in this country called Panem. Being unable to talk isn't helping. The monster Katniss and Peeta call the Capitol is coming after him with a newfound, dogged craving. The reason? They believe he's an Avox, with secret information that could change the course of the war. What's an Avox? Jason is going to find out, and he had to stay on his toes this time to keep from getting captured.

Annabeth's got brains, but this is just ridiculous. Thrown in the future? How can that be? Kronos is her theory, but who else is behind this? That's what she wants to know, but in the meantime, she has to fight a bloody war against one man they call Gale. Easy? Piece of hard cake. And these voices are plaguing her, warning her of deaths. Are the voices right? Or is her logic?

Clash: Suzanne Collins' "The Hunger Games", and Rick Riordan's "Heroes of Olympus" and "Percy Jackson and the Olympians"

So, I'm going through practically all the character's PoV's in this story. I'm just too lazy to put their summaries XD.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything by the brilliant authors Rick Riordan and Suzanne Collins. But if she made up Katniss's children and I came up with their names, does that mean I get partial credit??XD
[A/N:] I want to thank kristalovepercy and my awesome friend at school for getting me into the Hunger Games in the first place. And besides, kristalovepercy was the one who came up with a PJO/HG crossover anyways so she gets credit since I wanted to post the same type of crossover :D. Thanks, Krista!!!
Also, thanks to all the others who have encouraged me with my writing, like lovespercy, Twiggy, Liz, kristalovepercy, and a lot of other people...
If anyone asks whether I'm in the cliffhanger war with hollister and Liz, I can tell you the answer right now: NO.
Someone told me another person had a similar idea like mine of before I did. O_O Well, I don't really read so I initially thought I was the first to come up with the idea but guess not :D. So if that person comes here and reads this forum, Imma say this: I had no idea you had a similar idea. :D

Thanks to all who are reading this forum! And the day this gets on the popular content and remains there for at least half a year is going to be the day Zeus strikes us all with lightning bolts. O.O I'm going to go get the tacoz so we can arm ourselves accordingly.

Am I crazy? Yes. But I really wanted to do this :D
*FLUFFY TACOZ ARE AWESOME!!!:D Not to mention, Double Potassium :D*
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I will try to post as often as possible. I'm working on my Mark of Athena and it takes up a lot of my time. But I'm going to try :D. All comments, criticism, and views are appreciated!!!:D
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Thank you!!:D:D:D:D:D
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Hey guys!!!:D
Guess what? I finished Mockingjay yesterday and wondered if I could make a crossover of
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