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brownstar posted on Dec 21, 2011 at 12:00AM
My fellow clanmates, i apologize for being gone for such a long time. I promise i will do whatever it takes to put Crystalclan back in it's place. Please work with me and help me make our clan strong again!

Leader:Nightstar-black she-cat with purple eyes.(brownstar)Mate:Smokebreeze
Deputy:Stormbringer-Small light gray she-cat with black paws and green eyes, expecting kits.(Teampeeta649)
Medicine Cat:Goldensparkle-golden she cat with blue eyes, expecting kits.(Brownstar)

Warriors:Fangshine-a gray tom with blue eyes
Tealears-a greenish-blue she-cat with deep blue eyes.(PhineasFangirl)
Stormheart-pure black she-cat with silver tail tip, paws, and a patch on her chest.(Silverstream101)
Icefire-ginger she-cat with icy blue eyes.(Silverstream101)
Glittersoul-Silver she-cat with blue eyes.(TeamPeeta649)
Jaytalon-Small fluffy gray tom with amber eyes.(Teampeeta649)Mate:Skyheart
Fang-a orange tabby tom with gold eyes and many scars.Mate:Gemeye
Willowtree-A musky brown she cat with forest green eyes.(hellomia)
Flamepetal-A orange she cat with blue eyes.(hellomia)
Lavenderflower-a light lavender she-cat with dark purple eyes and white chest/paws(Hellomia)
Hailfeather-White silver she-cat with flecked grey eyes.(Bluefire7777)
Strikeheart-Black tom with a gray spot around his eye and gold eyes.(Teampeeta649)
Stonekeeper-black tom with yellow eyes(teampeeta649)
Cloudmist-gray and fluffy she-cat with bright amber eyes(Dovemoon)
Blazingeye-red tom with a white tail and amber eyes(Blazingshadow)
Flowfall - a misty white she-cat with blue eyes and gray muzzle.(Puffedwarrior)
Moonlight-Black she-cat with purple eyes.(Brownstar)
Blazingfire-black tom with a ginger tail and amber eyes.
Angelsong-a white she-cat with yellow markings on her back.(lovejr08)
Rainingtouch-Dark gray tom with green eyes.(Teampeeta649)
Morningray-Black she-cat with purple eyes.(Brownstar)
Smokebreeze(TeamPeeta649)-Dark gray tom with green eyes and a scar over one eye.Mate:Nightwind
Blazingwind-black tom with a ginger tail and amber eyes.(Brownstar)
Spottedlight-Gray she-cat with a brown spot on her head and blue eyes.(Brownstar)
Leafstem- A White she-cat with green eyes and gray paws.
Feathercloud-White she-cat with a black tail and amber eyes.(Brownstar
Cherryrain-a orange she cat with blue eyes with a glint of red in them.(Hellomia)
Braveheart-Sooth white she-cat with poofy tail and amber eyes(Spottedtail139)
Apprentices:Shadowpaw-black she-cat with tints of gray and gray paws and amber eyes.
Whitesky-Small gray tom with white ears and green eyes.(Brownstar)
Thornpaw-a brown tom with blue eyes and white paws.(Hellomia)
Sunpaw-Yellow she-kit with green eyes.(Brownstar)
Moonpaw- All grey female with light grey eyes.(Demon_wolf)
Scorchpaw-Orange tom with blue eyes.(Teampeeta649)
Graypaw-Gray tom with amber eyes.(Brownstar)
Bravepaw-Black tom with amber eyes.(Brownstar)
Softpaw-White she-cat with a red rail and blue eyes(Teampeeta649)
Queens:Spottednose-brown and white she-cat with amber eyes.(brownstar)
Fallingriver - a deep blue she-cat with midnight blue eyes; a queen.(PhineasFangirl)
Skyheart-A white she cat with pale amber eyes.(hellomia)Mate:Jaytalon
Leopardspot-Brown she-cat with black spots. (hellomia)Mate:Bluefire
Gemeye-White she-cat with purple eyes Mate:Fang(brownstar)
Yellowheart-a gray she-cat with green eyes, expecting kits.Mate:Fangshine.(brownstar)
Kits:(Nightstar's Kits.)Snowkit-White she-kit with amber eyes.(Brownstar)
Bramblekit-Brown tom with green eyes.(Teampeeta649)

Elders:Shininglight-white tom with blue eyes.
Rosethorn-white she-kit with a red spot on her tail and amber eyes.
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over a year ago brownstar said…
*Watches my clan, unsure of what to do now* ~Nightwind~
over a year ago silverstream101 said…
Stormheart-pure black she-cat with silver tail tip, paws, and a patch on her chest.

Icefire-ginger she-cat with icy blue eyes.
over a year ago brownstar said…
welcome to the clan
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
I'll rejoin
over a year ago brownstar said…
thank you, you're more than welcome to come back
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
I'm rejoining :3 It's been such a long time! I missed this :'3

I need to make a new forum for SandwhichClan, lawl.
over a year ago silverstream101 said…
*nods head in thanks and walks with Icefire (sister) toward the tounal for some hunting* ~Stormheart

*follows* ~Icefire
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
lol yes you do, Puffed
over a year ago brownstar said…
*Purrs and runs up to Smokebreeze* i missed you! ~Nightwind~
over a year ago silverstream101 said…
Stormheart~ *as soon as i hit the trees i take of at a sprint with Icefire struggling to keep up* come on sis!

Icefire~ *pants* im u
over a year ago brownstar said…
*watches the stars* ~Nightwind~
over a year ago silverstream101 said…
Stormheart~ *laughs and i skid to a stop*

Icefire~ *runs into Stormheart* Oof!

Stormheart~ *is a tangle of paws and tail but continues to laugh*
over a year ago brownstar said…
ok Crystalclan, with the apprentices we have, i would like to name new mentors for them *I mewed, stepping onto a rock to look down at the clan* ~Nightwind~

*looks up at her* ~Moonpaw, Goldenpaw~
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
*watches with interest*

*yawns, stretches, slowly padding over*

*trots over quickly*
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
(Hey, guys! I've put it back up! link)
over a year ago brownstar said…
Moonpaw, you will be guided by me. Shadowpaw, Flowfall will teach you the warrior code. Brownfoot shall take Goldenpaw. Stormpaw will be taught by Smokebreeze. Goldblaze will teach Strikepaw, and Stonepaw, Icefire will teach you ~Nightwind~

*Walks up to my mom* ~Moonpaw~
over a year ago brownstar said…
big smile
And i would like to announce our new leader of Crystalclan, Flowstar! ~Nightwind~

Flowstar, Flowstar! ~All my cats~
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
Flowstar, Flowstar! ~Cloudpaw
over a year ago brownstar said…
*Dips my head to the new leader* ~Nightwind~
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
*slightly blushes, smiling gleefully* Thank you, CrystalClan, I shall be the best leader I could ever be!
over a year ago brownstar said…
*Gazes up to starclan and murmurs* your leadership shall mark the new beginning of Crystalclan, Flowstar ~Nightwind~
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
*turns to look at her quickly, grins, then gazes at the the stars* And I'm honored to be in this position.
over a year ago brownstar said…
*meets her gaze with shining purple eyes* i'll set up your den for you *i whisper, trotting away with a flick of my tail* ~Nightwind~
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
*nods* Thank you, I'd appreciate that. (BTW, Flowstar has a very...soft/delicate voice XD)
over a year ago brownstar said…
(kk) *Gets some moss for her nest* ~Nightwind~

*walks up to Flowstar* Glad to have you as leader, Flowstar! ~Shininglight~
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
*smiles* I feel grateful as well. *chuckles*
over a year ago brownstar said…
*Sets the moss in her den and arranges it into a nest* ~Nightwind~

*A shadow flickers in my eyes and i look down* ~Shininglight~
over a year ago silverstream101 said…
*when we both get untangled and i catch 1 mouse and a rabbit we walk back to camp* ~Stormheart

*carries a blackbird* ~Icefire
over a year ago brownstar said…
*comes out of Flowstar's den* nice catch *i call to them* ~Nightwind~
over a year ago TeamPeeta649 said…
*stretches and yawns* -Jaytalon

*pads over to Nightwing* -Smokebreeze
over a year ago brownstar said…
*Eyes widen, then glow* Smokebreeze! *runs up to him and presses against him* ~Nightwind~
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
* sits in camp, wanting to train* ~Cloudpaw
over a year ago brownstar said…
Cloudpaw! Come on we're going hunting! *i call to her, flicking my tail* ~Gemeye~
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
great! * jumps to her paws and bounds over to her mentor* ~Cloudpaw
over a year ago brownstar said…
*nods to her and then trots off into the forest* ~Gemeye~
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
* follows her to the forest* ~Cloudpaw
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
*turns to look at Shininglight, smiling warmly*
over a year ago brownstar said…
now, what can you smell? *i asked, stopping* ~Gemeye~
over a year ago brownstar said…
*sighs sadly at her* ~Shininglight~
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
*frowns* Why so blue?
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
* stops beside Gemeye and sniff the air* a.. squirrel.. * sniff* a mouse... and... * sniffs* and two blackbirds. ~Cloudpaw
over a year ago brownstar said…
good, let's see you get the mouse *i whisper, flicking my tail at a mouse searching the leaves* ~Gemeye~

You're so far away now *i mew sadly* you'll be too busy to spend time with me ~Shininglight~
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
* nods and drops into a hunter's crouch and stalks forward and pounces , pinning it down and bites it neck* ~Cloudpaw
over a year ago brownstar said…
very good *i mew, crouching low with my eyes fixed on a blackbird* ~Gemeye~
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
thanks . * buries her prey and looks to Gemeye* ~Cloudpaw
over a year ago silverstream101 said…
Stormheart~ *waves tail in thanks and i drop my kill on the fresh kill pile*

Icefire~ *drops kill and with Stormheart following me we walk up to Shininglight and (who we thought was still) Flowfall and asked* hello Shininglight. Flowfall.did we miss anything?
over a year ago brownstar said…
*leaps up to get the blackbird, but accidentally hits a branch and collapses with a yelp of surprise* ~Gemeye~

Her name is Flowstar *Shininglight explained*
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over a year ago brownstar said…
*staggers to my paws* ~Gemeye~
over a year ago Dovemoon said…
* rushes to Gemeye* are you okay?! ~Cloudpaw
over a year ago Puffedwarrior said…
*shakes head, smiling* That's nonsense, I'll always make time for you.