Lola's POV
"Lola, please wake up," someone said, "please do not leave me like everyone else has!"
I felt someone squeezing my hand. I looked over it was Kyle.
"Kyle," I said as I busted out in tears, "you are here and alive! Are you okay?!"
I thought I would never see him again. I thought they would have hurt him as much as they did to me.
"I am fine," he said as he wiped a tear away that slipped from my eyes.
I leaned over to give Kyle a hug and my ribs brushed against the arm of the bed. Man, it hurt; but it was not has bad as what happen to me.
"Are you okay," I asked again, "they did not treat you cruelly did they?"
"No, they barley touched me," he said, "the doctor said you will make a full recovery! What did they do to you?"
"I am thankful they dragged us to different places. I would have hated for you to watch what happened to me," I said, "they beat me at first, then duct taped a sack over my head, and then they hung me. It was the worst feeling ever!"
"I bet, I am so sorry," Kyle said, "I wanted to find you but I was not able to walk."
"I thought I was going to die, slowly and painfully," I mumbled, "it was the second scariest moment of my life!"
I started crying again as someone walked in the room. It was Horatio which made me cry that much harder. He came over to me and hugged me.
"I am so sorry," Horatio said, "I had no idea what that cop was planning!"
"It is okay," I sobbed.
"The doctors are going to ask about the cuts on your arms," he said as he sat on the edge of the bed, "they think you are cutting yourself."
"It was not me; I would not ever do that," I said, "Horatio, please do not let them separate me from Kyle!"
"I won't let that happen," he stated, "and tell them how you got them when they ask! I think Kyle went to go find him."
"I will, thank you," I said, "is Kyle really okay?!"
"Yeah, why do ask that," Horatio asked confused.
"I just want to make sure that he was not lying to me," I said meekly.
"He would not lie to you," he said, "Kyle says you are his best friend!"
"Oh," I said a little disappointed.
"What's wrong," he asked curiously.
"A best friend," I said, "I kind of like him more than a friend."
"I knew that," he said smiling.
"You will never believe who I saw," I said as I suddenly remember, "I saw Jeremy!"
"Who," Horatio asked confused.
"Jeremy the guy that found me when my parents were being murdered," I stated.
"You never told us about that," he said.
"Really," I asked surprised.
"Yeah, so tell me," he said.
"You remember where I was hiding when you found me? Well, the guy (Jeremy) put me there," I said, "he came up to me with his fingers over his lips. I was too scared to scream. He said something like he would help me hide were no one could ever find me. And he did."
"Oh, is that all," he asked, "I thought it was going to be something bad!"
"Well, that all that I remember," I said.
"Hey, Lola," a man said as he walked in with Kyle, "how are you feeling?"
"I am fine," I shrugged.
"Good; any pain," he asked.
"Yeah, some," I said.
"Guys, could you two please give Lola and I some time to talk," he said.
"Sure, come one Kyle," Horatio said.
Kyle waved goodbye so smiled back to him. Man, I am so happy he is alive!
"What's up doc," I asked.
"Have you felt depressed lately," he asked.
"No, I have been so happy," I said smiling.
"Have you had any suicidal thoughts," he asked.
"No, not at all," I stated, "is this because of cuts on my arms?!"
"Yes it is," he said, "please, enlighten me with how you got those!"
"Well, two men held onto me while one of them cut my arms," I said, "they wanted me to be put up!"
"Okay, thank you for your corporation," the doctor said, "I will tell Horatio and your friend that they can come back in!"
"Thank you," I said smiling brightly.

Kyle's POV
They were keeping Lola over night which sadden me because Horatio would not let me stay. I could tell Lola was trying to get Horatio and I to stick around as long as possible. I do not know why though. I guess she was scared or something.
Horatio took me to the orphanage and it felt odd being here without Lola. Hopefully she would be coming back here tomorrow sometime. I laid on the bed after dinner, just staring at the plane ceiling. I would get out in two years. What could I do with my life? Do I want to stick around here? What kind of job do I want? Do I want to join the army? I had so many questions floating around in my mind. I had no family to help me get on my feet. The more I thought about the army, the more I got interested in it. Maybe Horatio could help me out or something.