Kyle's POV
Lola got to come home after a few days in the hospital. It was nice to have her back. Some of the other kids were staring at her oddly because of her neck and arms. But she seemed not to care too much. Whenever she noticed that they were staring to much, she would turn, and make a funny face at them. But it was really good to have her back. We were inseparable during the days. Wherever one went, the other would follower. We were really close.
Lola had been here for a week and then things fell apart me. Some people came by and they adopted Lola. Our worlds had been ripped apart once again. My days were boring and I could not talk to Lola at all. I was so depressing after finding such a good friend!
It was not soon to until I can get out of here myself. I all ways wondered if Lola would still want to meet up and hang out. I really hoped so! It would be fun to catch and know how her new living arrangements are working out.
Every now and then I would go and see Horatio. I asked him if he had heard anything from Lola. But he said he had not heard from Lola. Which I found rather odd since they were so close. I would have thought Horatio would have tired really hard to keep in touch with Lola. He loved her like a daughter. But then again he could be like one of those cops who just feels sorry for her. Which is a very unlikely case.

I had not seen Horatio in a few days so I decided to par him a visit. I wanted to know if he had heard an news on Lola and if he could tell more about enlisting in the army.
"Hey Horatio," I said as I entered his office.
"What can I do for you, Kyle," he asked without looking up from his work.
"Have you heard from Lola yet," I asked hopeful.
"No, I have not heard anything at all," he said.
"Can you please contact her for me," I pleaded.
"Kyle, you know I cannot do that," Horatio said.
"So, break the rules," I demanded, "Lola would have hacked into someone's computer by now!"
"I know she would have but you do not know how do to do that," he said.
"Okay," I said, "I have another question."
"Has long as it is not about Lola," he said as he actually looked at me.
"I was thinking when I get out of the orphanage that I could join the army," I said.
"Wow, really," he asked, "are you sure?"
"Positive, it is the only thing that I have thought about doing," I said, "I have not been thinking about it long; but it seems like the best choice for my life."
"Well, that is really good, Kyle," Horatio said somewhat smiling, "I can set you up with some people to talk to about joining."
"Okay, that would be great," I said.
"Okay, just come back in a few days and we will talk to them," Horatio said.
"Cool, thanks." I said.

It had been a few days so I decided to go see Horatio and see what was up.
"Hey Kyle, just in time," Horatio said, "follow me and we can go see one of my friends."
"Okay, cool," I said.
A few hours later I knew everything that I needed to do. As soon as I turned 18, I would enlist. I have to admit I was really, really excited about this. I mean this is going to turn my life around. Everything that has happens has happened for a reason! I mean this is what I have to work for and gain. This is going to be who I am.