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Calleigh & Eric-I thought I Lost You (Fan Fic) [Request]

This was Made by the amazing Hiphuggers1991 This is a request By XxShannenDohertyxX!! Please Read Before Watching! The storyline is below
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oth-rocks said:
Eric says say Anything about what?
And Calleigh says I am Pregnant! Eric get's mad and walks away! Calleigh Tells her father that she is Pregnant with Eric's baby
and her father tries to tell her not to keep it but she does! later the next day Eric tells Calleigh that he is srry and That
they should both keep the baby! a couple of weeks after Calleigh and eric's wedding (not shown) Eric and Calleigh are walking
down the hallway talking about what will happen with the baby so they both stop and Calleigh put her hands around Eric's waist
A couple of days later Eric and Natalia were talking and Natalia asked why did'nt u wanna have a baby with me and he says i
want one with Calleigh! Later out of the lab Calleigh kisses Eric and says I love you! Later when calleigh was about 6 months
Pregnant, Natalia and Calleigh are talking and Natalia is trying to talk Calleigh into giving the baby Up for adoption
but Calleigh says No! about 1 month later Calleigh and e=Eric are about to leave and Calleigh goes off on eric and Eric know
That her hormones are acting up! Later that Day Calleigh thinks she might had went into labor but it was false so she
go to go home! Later About when Calleigh was 8 months about to leave she saw Eric at a crime scene and they got talking about
what they think they think sex of the baby is and Calleigh says Girl and Eric says Boy! A couple of Days LAter Calleigh
Eric and Horatio are on a boat Horatio was talking but he was more worried About Calleigh And The Baby! Later At the LAb
Calleigh Finds out the sex of the baby and She tells Eric that it is just not 1 but 2 little Delko babies! it was Calleigh's
last day at the lab so Eric drives her home! And This Time Calleigh Actully went into labor and Eric stayed with Her!
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