Csk theme song lyrics:

Boys in yellow come out n play

Your gonna make them follow u lead the way - say..

s-u-p-e-r k-i-n-g-s

dil irukku dham irukku edhiriya adichu pudichu odichu norukku - say..

s-u-p-e-r k-i-n-g-s

[ idhu chennai, chennai super kings..

namma yellow jersey endrum wins… super kings, super kings

dhilloda adipom - dhilloda adipom

vetri kodugalai chennai thaan pidipom ] 2

idhu chennai super kings adithaane..

idhu vinnai muththamm idum idithaane


will power vizhiye

winners thaan vidhiye

veeram veeeram idhu vilaiyaadum vazhiye…super kings, super kings

idhu chennai super kings padaithaane..

tamizh mannai muththam idum nadaithaane

Cut right through like a razor blade

And burn them down make no mistakes

Thamizh raththam daa idhu yuththam daa

Make way for chennai super kings

Idhu chennai chennai …… *2


Wil lpower vizhiye…..

Cut right th……..

Idhu chennai……



Csk are the best ipl team ever.

No one is = to them

MY one and only FAV team- CSK

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