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JAlanaE said …
I want a season 2!! :'( What did you guys think about the finale? What do you think the role of Skye's dad is in all of this and what is the meaning of the "Well hey, these things just snap right off." line?? Posted over a year ago
Cult_Billy commented…
Skye's dad was certainly a surprise adn what was he gonna do with that remote?? And what happens to Roger. There couldn't be a second season without him, I mean HE'S BILLY!! Cult is nothing without Billy. I'm shocked and desperate over a year ago
Squad commented…
IT was brilliant. First it seemed like a happy end: good guys win, Skye/Jeff, Nate is back, Rostie are happy. But then...BAM! I cried to hard for Roger and wth did that woman want with the gun?? Did she put the bullet in it?? or is she working for Skye's dad?? is Skye's dad Steven Rae?? over a year ago
XxxFUMMxxX commented…
I'm devastated :( over a year ago
JAlanaE said …
I really hope the season finale will have a proper ending. It would really suck if the last episode we will ever get to see will end with a cliffhanger or tons of open questions... Posted over a year ago
XxxFUMMxxX commented…
the end is a huuuuge cliffhanger. the actors and writers already said it on interviews over a year ago
travisb1969 said …
why do they always cancel the good shows like the cult and keep playing those dumbass shows like american idol, the voice,how i met your mother and the secret life of an american teenager. the cult was a kickass show i say bring it back and cancel the shows that need to be canceled Posted over a year ago
XxxFUMMxxX commented…
that's right. or cancel far more boring shows like Carrie Diaries or Beauty and the Beast over a year ago