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posted by Pipchupy
One of the cute and beautiful Normal type pokemon.It can be very tricky.Now,let's talk about type matchups.Lopunny is weak to Fighting types and does no damage to Ghost types.Now,Buneary envoles with happiness to Lopunny.Time for moves!Lopunny tricky moves will be on a different article too but keep on reading!Lopunny can use Magic Coat to reflect some no damaging moves like Leech Seed back i think.Mirror Coat reflects back special moves and does double the damage it got hurt.That's not all the moves!Endure gives your pokemon 1 HP left if it is about to faint.It will fail the more you use it.Now,3 more moves!They are Dizzy Punch,Bounce,and last but not leat,Healing Wish.Dizzy Punch does damage plus,it might make your oppenent confused.Bounce makes you charge up for an attack on the next turn and,it is powerful.But beware:It is powerful beacuse your oppenent can use some moves that does double damage if you used Bounce.Last,Healing Wish!It heals your pokemon like a Full Restore so the HP is full and heals your poison and burn and so on.However,Lopunny will have 1 HP left.It is great to use after you strongest pokemon has low HP so you can heal it and you can heal Lopunny to do it again!Again,just like always,put your questions and ideas in a comment.I hope I have time to make part 2 soon!