Latias is a legendary Pokemon.It is a Psychic and Dragon type.It's cute too:).Now,abilities!Latias's ability is Levitate.It makes Ground type move do no effect.Now it time for the big one,moves!Today I will tell the moves that Latias can learn without TMs and HMs.The website Psypokes and my friend AKetchum01 is how I get information so I must thank them!Ok,Latias can learn Healing wish.Just like in my Lopunny article Healing wish heals you next pokemon so it can help your strongest Pokemon alot.For more information on this move,read my Lopunny article.Also,my articles don't have all the moves that the Pokemon can learn execept The Piplup Article.Another move Latias can learn is Psywave which is stronger the higher your level is so when you train your move Psywave gets stronger too!There are 2 more moves for me to talk about now.Refresh heals you from stats problem.Helping hand powers up your teammate's stats in double battle.Ok,now you know what.If you have a question or idea put it in a comment and there will be part two like all the other article but it might take a while for me to make it.