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Opinion by MiSaxFanGrl posted over a year ago
fan of it?
D-Tox is a 2002 movie directed by Jim Gillespie and starring Sylvester Stallone. The movie was given a limited release in the US under the title Eye See You three years after it was completed due to Universal Studios deciding not to release it. US distribution rights were then bought by DEJ Productions, Inc. The film was released internationally by United International Pictures prior to its US release.

Its tagline was, "Survival is a killer".


FBI agent Jack Malloy is sent to a former government-controlled asylum to recuperate from a brutal tragedy. There, he meets several other ex-cops and veterans who also share different hardships and problems. However, a blizzard forms and seals them in the asylum with no form of communication. Worse, a psychopath is lurking among them, killing both staff and Malloy's comrades one by one.


* Sylvester Stallone as Jake Malloy
* Charles Dutton as Detective Hendricks