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The fans pick: Klaus & Caroline
Klaus & Caroline
Klaus & Camille
The fans pick: A hug
A hug
Surprise and joy and maybe an exchanged comment but no physical contact
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The fans pick: yes
maybe later
The fans pick: Damon - the 'bad boy'
Damon - the 'bad boy'
Jeremy - cute & loyal one
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lacage0 said …
From 5x22

Who is the first person he mentions who would go away if the other side goes away? Then he mentions his brother, Alaric, and her Grams. Then they both get stuck there. Now he is desperate to get her back to the living. Just thought I would just mention it again Posted 12 hours ago
lacage0 said …
To piggyback off something I mentioned in a previous post, I've notice that the "If I have to choose between you and the witch" has been playing out over the last 2 seasons and now this one. In season 4, Damon chose to stay on the Island to find Bonnie instead of dealing with Dopple and her emotional denial/pain over losing jerms. Season 5 is interesting because when Quetisah had Dopple while he was looking for the anchor and she called him makng threats against dopple, Damon got frustrated Posted 12 hours ago
lacage0 commented…
and beat up a crate. Reason, dopple and forever damsel act was interrupting his bid to get Bonnie back. This season again he is put in the position of trying to get Bonnie back and dopple and her damsel routine. I can see him getting frustrated again. Also, wanted to mention when Dopple was on fire and Damon was focused on fighting Kai, it was because he wanted to get his hands on him for hurting/tormenting Bonnie when he was not able to keep him away from her. Remember: "Dont you ever lay a hand on her" 12 hours ago
Tigerlily888 said …
What do you mates want? Damon to finally rescue Bonnie like he's tried or Bonnie to rescue herself and spring a surprise comeback? Posted 2 days ago
Tigerlily888 commented…
Im sorta rooting for Bonnie to get out herself without anyone knowing about it then returning to the town, maybe angry........ 2 days ago
kindhiya3 commented…
i want bonnie to get out always she's stronger than anyone and they seem not to care enough to help damon get her back so...i want her to leave this helle all by herself and return to mystic flals like "suprise mitherfuckers" 1 day ago
lacage0 commented…
It would be funny at the end of the episode all the gang is gathered around and Bonnie walks in. Bonnie steps in and says I'm Back bitches! I would lol 12 hours ago