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Wahinetoa said …
FIC. Posted 7 days ago
Wahinetoa said …
Ians interview with Wet paint
He cannot do an interview without giving heaps of love to our gurl.

"As much as The Vampire Diaries is about loss, though, it’s about friendship & family. One relationship we’ve seen blossom over the seasons, especially in Season 6, is the one between Damon & Bonnie Bennett“To be honest with you, it’s my favorite interaction,” Ian gushed. Posted 10 days ago
Wahinetoa commented…
"“Watching them at the beginning of last season was really some of my favorite interactions with any two characters on the show. Whenever I show up to set with Kat Graham, I know she’s bringing her A-game so I better have my ass in gear.” 10 days ago
Wahinetoa commented… 10 days ago
Tigerlily888 commented…
Oh my god. He's been mentioning them for years now whenever he can. It's pretty clear he's always liked B/D and wants more haha 10 days ago
Wahinetoa said …
Captain Bamon is at it agin!
Q: Speaking of Damon and Bonnie, there are a lot of people that want them to get together romantically. Is there any potential for that story line?

A: When you see two characters sort of collide, Damon and Elena kind of collided. But Bonnie and Damon have been this slow build of so much experience. They f**king hated each other, he tried to kill her 25 times, he succeeded a couple times, she tried to kill him, almost succeeded a couple times Posted 16 days ago
Wahinetoa commented…
But at the end of the day, Bonnie is truly one of the only people Damon would really go to bat for. It’s Stefan, Bonnie, Alaric. There are very few people that he would do this for. He loves Bonnie and they’re stuck together.” 16 days ago
Tigerlily888 commented…
Yes!! Damn straight! Apparently Damon/Bonnie/Alaric are gonna party hard around Europe together! Hope we get to see!!!!! 16 days ago
Miss_Diaries commented…
LOL they "collided" so much for the DE "Legacy." Anyway bamon in europe is awesome!! 9 days ago