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The fans pick: I doubt it :(
I doubt it :(
Possibly. We've had lot of developments recently.....
The fans pick: Damon!
The fans pick: yes
The fans pick: A hug
A hug
Surprise and joy and maybe an exchanged comment but no physical contact
The fans pick: Klaus & Caroline
Klaus & Caroline
Klaus & Camille
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Damon & Bonnie Wall

Tigerlily888 said …
I want another Bamon dance! And like alotta people have been saying perhaps at Alaric's wedding..... Posted 3 days ago
Wahinetoa commented…
YES!! And finally her in a pretty dress, being adored like she deserves to be. Maybe to a whitney song from Bodyguard. *catching feels from tigerlily* 2 days ago
Tigerlily888 commented…
You know how it goes, the guy always realises she's the one for him once he sees she looks all pretty in a dress, 'm hoping same happens here haha 1 day ago
Tigerlily888 commented…
Let's hope she actually gets invited this time like the countless over times she's been absent. That Originals ball for one!!!!!! 1 day ago
kindhiya3 commented…
guys i dont wanna ruin your mood but....igot a feeling like she will be busy helping maybe someone somewhere because lets be honest tvd writers dont like to mak bonnie pretty in a beautiful dress (because they know that she will stole the light over car and dopple 1 day ago
kindhiya3 said …
i dont know if i read too much...but when i heard damon said to bonnie (phonecall scene) that their relationship remains.... i was like... WHAT? not friendship but RELATIONSHIP........ you know im french so maybe im wrong but relationship does mean everytype of relation between two people....why did he choose to say that word and not friendship.....guys im dying of bamon hopes Posted 4 days ago
kindhiya3 commented…
am i delusional? lool 4 days ago
kindhiya3 commented…
am i frenchy delusional? lol 4 days ago
Tigerlily888 commented…
I never thought of that, brilliant! Makes it so much better because there's nothing worse than D/B being dismissed as friendship or purely platonic 3 days ago
lacage0 said …

Saw this! I wonder what this means? Posted 6 days ago
Tigerlily888 commented…
Omg, she's on board! 5 days ago
kindhiya3 commented…
we always knew that she's a bamon... in fact it seems like she is a multibonnie shipper as well lool... but some people said that she wrote this because of the hate that she received after posting a bonkai vid lool anyway i cant wait to see the beautiful bamon that they reserved us 5 days ago
Wahinetoa commented…
Wow, that's amazing! She was on board way back when, like sweetKind said, but de fans attacked her at a convention for saying it and she remained silent for a long time. I hate the way it went down, but happy she and young can fangirl in the open. More bamon.. that's reason to joy if ever there is one!! 5 days ago