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The fans pick: Damon!
The fans pick: He was the first who she visited after she came back.
The fans pick: „I need you. Because you make me laugh more than anyone else, and I’m the bes
The fans pick: „You never leave my mind. Even when I have a million things to think about.”
The fans pick: And most immortality it has true LOVE.
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FlightofFantasy said …
What'd you guys think of this episode? I liked it, mainly 'cause KAI, but I also liked seeing the big picture of how vampires have royally fucked pretty much everyone in MF. At this point, I'm with one reviewer I read recently, who wanted all the vamp characters on the show to be burned in a big ol' bonfire in the middle of the road, and for Bonnie and Matt to strike the match. ;P
But anyway, KAI I'VE MISSED YOU YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD. So glad he'll be in at least one more episode! Posted 4 days ago
big smile
lacage0 said …
Spoiler DO NOT View if you do not want to be spoiled!

you're welcome! Posted 4 days ago
Wahinetoa said …
Only 4 episodes to go, SPOILER ... kai returning SPOILER and Cade being able to pull sins memories might this be a way to 'kill' bonbon wothout killing her?
Kai syphons the magic from the bell gives it to bonnie to close the hellsgate. Cade begs them not to send him back and promises bonbon Enzo. Enzo comes back but as pre-stjohn along with Sarah, & the Salvatore bros souls. The price, is that she can never see him again, or he'll trigger hell. Heartbroken, kai takes her magic and damon Posted 6 days ago
Wahinetoa commented…
Compels her to forget them all, except her mum and matt who decides to go with them. Damon gives her his camero, and an unexplainable lovehate penchant for blueberry vampcakes and watching bodyguard at odd times. The hard reset kills bonnie bennett and awakens shelia bennett the soon to be the greatest human rights activist ever known.Cade is sentto hell, Kai is consumed by the twins. After 3 yrs, he breaksup with Elena and becomes shelias guardian - think flash to Iris. Plot holes galore, but wip. *shrugs* 6 days ago