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The fans pick: #1
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They held each other's hands while the other side collapsed.
The fans pick: yes
The fans pick: „I need you. Because you make me laugh more than anyone else, and I’m the bes
„I need you. Because you make me laugh more than anyone else, and I’m the bes
"In the end, you'll know which people really love you. They are the ones who see
Has trust.
And most immortality it has true LOVE.
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amberausten7 said …
Just has to share this Bamony goodness!!! 😋 Posted 8 days ago
Miss_Diaries said …
THIS because at this point Im losing my patience too. Posted 9 days ago
amberausten7 commented…
I hear ya sister!!!!;) XO We know what's up though... 8 days ago
Miss_Diaries commented…
@amberausten7 thnks boo!! Its just not right that the these writers are so bias. I can't even. 8 days ago
Tigerlily888 commented…
Dries is the one that takes the piss, no coincidence that the ep. she wrote there was no B/D interaction. I mean they were at the same god damn party. ALSO the only reason Bonnie was at that party was for the Enzo scene. she's never usually at parties. I'm not actually against B/E. I shipped them in season 5 but they never followed up on it, till now because they're backed into a corner with B/D cos Elena's gone. 8 days ago
Wahinetoa said …
Ian is at it again! Here, he talks about the end scene last episode before this one, where she joins him in the bar.

"Kat Graham is such a strong actor,and Bonnie is such a strong character that I want her, and you'll see her, sort of start to come back into her ow. And sort of tking a lot less s#$@. "
Ian Somerhalder Posted 9 days ago
amberausten7 commented…
Imma need him to start making threats to leave lol;) Kidding (not kidding)!!! 8 days ago
amberausten7 commented…
*leave the show if he doesn't get Bamon 8 days ago
Tigerlily888 commented…
I bet Ian's jealous of Michael right now! 8 days ago
amberausten7 commented…
Oh my gosh Tigerlilly! You know he is...I hope it shows on screen too when Damon starts going on and on to Bonnie about why Enzo is no good for her!!! I can't wait for it to happen because any other reaction from Damon would be unbelievable;) 8 days ago