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Wahinetoa said …
Did you all see the bts with kat and ian on 8x16?

I've put up a gif from bamonsoulmates on tumblr, in the images section. It's darling!

Hope we get the video soon. Xoxo Posted 6 days ago
Wahinetoa said …
The finale of tvd was so bad, apparently, spoilertv has deleted the entire existence of it from main menu.
Lol. To be honest, it's very much for the best. Such a lack luster end, yikes.

Looking forward to seeing the best fanfic writers and artists course correct tvd nonsense. Now THAT will be stunning justice! Posted 7 days ago
amberausten7 commented…
Agreed! 7 days ago
lacage0 said …
Anyone noticed that Damon didn't even get excited or happy until he processed and then said out loud that Bonnie was okay and that they were both were okay. He just received that news not less than a minute before Katherine made her appearance. The look on his face when Stefan said Bonnie's heart stop and then she saw dopple. Posted 9 days ago
Wahinetoa commented…
hehe,yeh the level of meh was strong through out. Ian wasnt even pretending to try... it was glorious!! 7 days ago