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The fans pick: Damon!
The fans pick: American Bonnie
American Bonnie
Romanian Bonnie
The fans pick: No One/Alone. I Can't See Bonnie Being Truly Happy Without Damon.
No One/Alone. I Can't See Bonnie Being Truly Happy Without Damon.
Possibly. We've had lot of developments recently.....
I doubt it :(
The fans pick: Damon - the 'bad boy'
Damon - the 'bad boy'
Jeremy - cute & loyal one
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Damon & Bonnie Wall

lacage0 said …
so true Posted 5 hours ago
Wahinetoa said …
Best of tvd Awards (??)
Anyone know about this?

Bamon did hella good.
Best Kiss

Best Plot Posted 1 day ago
Tigerlily888 said …
Presumably Damon will wanna keep Bonnie close now, because of Elena sure but also BECAUSE they're best friends. So he should totally ask Bonnie to move into the boarding house with him ;) Posted 2 days ago
Wahinetoa commented…
YYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! After all, she's got her own room there since 90s AND they have a pancake shopping cheatingatmonopoly watchingmovies routine down to a science. Tigerlily.. c'mere.. ya getting a mighty SMOOCHY for being so inspiring and starting my day with a beaming smile of Bamony happiness. MUAH!! 1 day ago
amberausten7 commented…
Oh my gawd I just want to love all over your Bamon cuteness you two!!! So!!! Slumber party!!! Whooo...sorry, I was channeling the girls!!! 1 day ago
lacage0 commented…
Okay i better be invited to this slumber party or i will throw a big hissy fit lol just wanted to say hissy fit lol I dont see why she wont be staying at the house since she stayed there in 1994 she will just have to get use to living there with stefan as well can you imagine damon at bonnies\'s door as she snores and stefan catches him watching her sigh 1 day ago