First off, this is strictly my opinion. Whether these things will happen or not I’m just stating how I feel. I’m in no way trying to offend any TVD groups, but my opinion is my own and I have a right to speak/type it. If you don’t like potential Gilbert bashing or Delena bashing, you might as well leave now because it’ll happen. I might make Damon look bad too, but I’m calling it like I see it. Again, read at your own risk. Ok, now that my “disclaimer” is done let’s get started. :)

Everyone’s been speculating on when/if Bamon will happen. There was a pick question and everything so I decided to just write an article. I also wrote something like this on the wall, but I didn’t get to go into as much detail as I wanted to because of the word restraint. Plus, my last article was so much fun to write so I just decided to do another one.

Season 5 is the season I feel Bamon will/should happen. Season 4 is also a good possibility. Season 3, so far, we’ve had two Bamon scenes and one was alright and the other was great. The first one: I liked it, but I partly felt like they were back to Season 1 status like what occurred in the EPIC “The Last Dance” just didn’t happen. On Tonight’s episode, Bonnie set Damon (and Tyler) straight when they were fighting. Their little banter back and forth was cute too and it was a nice reminder of what we're waiting for. Other than that, we’ve had the mentioning of Bonnie from Damon’s mouth. And as awesome as that is, it’s still not quite where I need them to be if I was to feel comfortable about them getting together next season.

Not to mention two big factors in the way of my Bamon happiness: The Gilberts.

Gilbert #1-Elena

My poor Damon is still pining for her. He’s doing all these things to keep her safe and get her attention. And as much as it pains me, it’s working. As much as I love Damon, he’s killing me. He’s acting some puppy vying for Elena’s attention so every time he does something “good” he has to run back and tell her. And she complies by giving him his dog treats, i.e. her attention. Tonight's “Homecoming” episode was the worst DE thing ever. They are so nauseating. They have decided to give up on Stefan. My Stefan? The Stefan who has put his life on the line numerous times for these people and they just don’t care anymore. All the good he’s done is erased now because he foiled your plan? I get Klaus needs to die, but you automatically assumed the worst. He had to do what he had to do for his freedom, shoot, Stefan can come to me. I’ll make him feel better. ;) Sorry, you know what? I’m diverging from Bamon, but that is just why I can’t roll with Delena. They are treacherous and trifling. It’s the worst part of TVD, but I get that it has to happen, unfortunately. He needs to deal with his “feelings” for Elena before he can even think of getting with Bonnie. I can go on and on about stupid Damon is and how I think Elena is a witch with a B for playing with his emotions, but it’s been this way since Season 2. There’s not much to say about DE, honestly.

That will have to be resolved first, though, because the Delena/Stelena triangle is the main event this season. This is gonna be the make or break for those pairings. Also, the make or break of if I will continue to watch TVD after this season. I will never ever be able to accept DE as endgame. I personally can’t. Delena is inevitable, not indefinite.

Gilbert #2-Jeremy
Bonnie is gonna have to deal with her Jeremy thing. I am in no way ok with Beremy anymore. I shipped them when they first got together. Then during the summer, I stopped shipping them. I realized I got caught up in the fact my favorite character was finally gonna get a boyfriend that I didn’t look at the circumstances. Beremy happened way too fast and he was obviously still in love with Vicki and Anna. Although, it seemed he was more in love with Anna. I feel if the kiss wasn’t bad enough and people are like, “It was just a kiss” or whatever, he did something so much worse. He made a love declaration to her. He’s always loved her and never stopped, even though he had the nerve to go after Bonnie after she first rejected his passes. The same Bonnie who is his girlfriend and gave up her connections to her ancestors to bring him back to life, but that doesn’t matter. Anyway, she needs to let him go and if she doesn’t, I’m gonna be very mad. She’s stronger than that. I also think Bonnie took her love for Jeremy as her best friend’s little brother and turned it into being in love with him, but I don’t really think she is/was.

Then, it seems TPTB are trying to do something with Matt and Bonnie. Not sure what it is or where they’re going with it, but we’ll see. I’m hoping it’s nothing more than a close friendship because that’s just one more obstacle stopping Bamon from happening. I can see myself loving the pairing, but the jury is still out.

New Problem: Jamie

Who the hell is Jamie? I’ve never read the books, so maybe I’m missing something but from what I heard there is no Jamie in the books. I feel like TPTB are just demolishing what we Bamon fans want to please Delena fans. Shoot, I think they’re secret Delena fans their selves. One part of me thinks, and it pains me to say, they could bust the DE/SE triangle open and make it a rectangle. As much as it pains me to light weight accept DE, it will please the fan base. Maybe even the Stefonnie fans could get some action. But the other part of me, doesn’t want Bonnie tossed from brother to brother like Slutlena. Even if I love Bamon and Stefonnie, I don’t want her brother hopping. Kevin and Julie are playing with us.

I'm hoping all of this will be resolved by the end of this season. Then in Season 4, Bonnie and Damon will start drifting toward each other. We see a closer friendship, more witty banter, and subtle flirting. The UST will build and build until someone makes the first move. All this will be happening with whatever Elena crisis is occurring that season because we always have to have those. *Rolls Eyes* Plus, there will be people opposed to them being together (Elena and Jeremy=Jealous, Stefan=Concerned for Bonnie’s safety) because those two can never have anything the easy way. They have to fight for everything they have or have ever had and I will enjoy watching them fight together and for each other.

The last thing we need to worry about is TVD making it to Season 5. I’m gonna be real, if the show takes a turn for the DE side I won’t be watching as frequently. I will keep up to date with recaps and YouTube clips, but DE seriously makes my stomach turn. It makes me physically sick. If TVD goes ALL THE WAY DE, it will take epic looking episodes to get me to watch. Like some epic Bonnie magic usage. They have been neglecting her, but she’s getting a Mom so we’ll see how that goes.

Although we have all these issues and we are gonna have to wait, we have to keep the goal in mind: BAMON!! Is it not worth it? Is the Most Epic Endgame Couple not worth waiting for? It always rains before the sun comes out and we’re going through some rain………Ok I’ll admit, it’s like a thunderstorm but we can get through this. Our Bamon love is strong and we will persevere! I’m starting to sound like my Mom but it’s true. My new saying: Bamon may or may not happen, but I’m fully prepared to ride it out until the brakes fall off this mutha! Who’s with me?!