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Opinion by elena1 posted over a year ago
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Destined for Danger...
Elena has faced countless challengeles-escaping the Dark Dimension, defeating phantoms, discovering she's a Guardian. But nothing compares to choosing between the two loves of her life:Stefan and Damon Salvatore. Elena has reunited with Stefan, while Damon, hurt by the rejection, has become dark and unpredictable. Now Elena's torn between saving Damon's soul and staying true to Stefan.
But before Elena can decide who her heart belong to, Dalcrest College's Campus is overrun with vampires determined to resurrect Klaus, the wicked Old One who will stop at nothing to destroy Elena-and everyone close to her.
As Elena learns more about her destiny as a Guardian, a protector against evil on earth, she realizes that before she can defeat Klaus, she has to sacrifice someone close to her. Elena must decide how much-and who-she's willing to give up before it's too late...
List by Saku15 posted over a year ago
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-    Because they’re so hot together.
-    Because Bonnie’s a challenge for him.
-    Because Damon’d to fight for her friendship.
-    Because Bonnie always sayd out loud what she thinks about him.
-    Because Damon wants her forgiveness so bad.
-    Because Bonnie is the first person who Damon says thank you.
-    Because Damon always wants to save her.
-    Because Damon is so protective over Bonnie.
-    Because Damon scares for her.
-    Becaouse they save the other’s life many.many times.
-    Because they help each other.
-    Because their dance is the coolest dance in the show.
-    Because the show based on the books and in the books they kiss so many times.
Opinion by YumYumBamon posted over a year ago
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With the end of season 3 of TVD still fresh in all our minds. Has me thinking ahead towards season 4 and mainly around Bronnie. Yes the "little witch" we have all come to know and love seemingly not getting much love from writers and some other member of TVD fandom this past season. Even still i wait for the first time in anticipation ; because I am true excited about the plotting of this great show and my wind get away from me as I think up all the many twist and turns that we could see...or hope to see..

Though most of this anticipation has to do with Bonnie and her storyline for this coming season . It also involves some subplots with other characters that have been sorely lacking ( especially in season 3) Now I know many Bonnie, Bamon... hell most fans in our wonderful fandom are sceptical about Julie Plec and her writing thus far. ( which is primarily her lack of plot development and story arcs development) No longer can people ignore the growing fact that outside of developing ( IMO her fangirl) couple characters, singular development of many character still remain one dimensional... after three season this is just not acceptable.