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Opinion by YumYumBamon posted over a year ago
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With the end of season 3 of TVD still fresh in all our minds. Has me thinking ahead towards season 4 and mainly around Bronnie. Yes the "little witch" we have all come to know and love seemingly not getting much love from writers and some other member of TVD fandom this past season. Even still i wait for the first time in anticipation ; because I am true excited about the plotting of this great show and my wind get away from me as I think up all the many twist and turns that we could see...or hope to see..

Though most of this anticipation has to do with Bonnie and her storyline for this coming season . It also involves some subplots with other characters that have been sorely lacking ( especially in season 3) Now I know many Bonnie, Bamon... hell most fans in our wonderful fandom are sceptical about Julie Plec and her writing thus far. ( which is primarily her lack of plot development and story arcs development) No longer can people ignore the growing fact that outside of developing ( IMO her fangirl) couple characters, singular development of many character still remain one dimensional... after three season this is just not acceptable.
Article by kalpana24 posted over a year ago
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In last week's Vampire Diaries season finale, Elena made her choice between the Salvatore brothers. Her decision probably wasn't a huge shock to fans, even though Damon fans had their fingers crossed throughout the season that the now bad boy Stefan might be moving out of the picture. The big question for next season though is will Damon move on? Perhaps gain a new love interest? Maybe Bonnie?
Julie said something about the future of Damon's love life after the season finale-:

"Never say never," replies Plec. "In the first part of the season, we're going to be very much invested in what's going to happen to Elena and what do each of the brothers have to say about it and what are each of them going to do to try to help her through this experience and what does it do to their relationship with each other? Then once the dust settles from that, we'll see [about a new romance for Damon]."

SO there is a chance for bamon.Dont lose your hope because game is not ended yet
News by ginbell84 posted over a year ago
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Attn: Bonnie/Kat fans

One of the best ways to get the studio’s attention regarding our favorite witch and her portrayer is to write in. Social media is great fun, but they pay more attention to letters with stamps on them and feedback from their sponsors.

To be taken seriously write with passion, respect, and good grammar. If grammar is not your expertise, have a friend proofread for you. Bonnie fans get enough grief and disrespect. When you send your letter, don’t give them any reason to play that card.

Send your letters to Kat, Kevin, Julie and the president of the CW, Mark Pedowitz. Shower them with positives and let them know what isn’t working, too, but be positive. Throwing negatives at them will send the letters straight to the trash. The Bennett Brigade is not like that other group.

Here are the addresses I’ve found. I suggest sending letters to both addresses. A letter a week is good. They’re starting season 4 soon and starting an organized writing campaign will show them that Bonnie does have a fanbase who won’t be easily dismissed.