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Bangelusfan posted on Jan 25, 2011 at 08:40PM
This is a place where you can 'explode', comment or make suggestions about the bamon storyline or whatever you think it's wrong with the show right now.

*Trolls not allowed. Respectful DE fans welcomed*
This is a place where you can 'explode', comment or make suggestions about the bamon storyline or wha
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over a year ago skysamuelle said…
@ApplePie88 : i'm near to susprecting that Elena's feelings for Damon are part of some weird Stockolm Syndrome.

Because there's no way you would share your breathing space with a man who both hassaulted you and killed your little brother in front of your very eyes.

And as a very devoted big sister and as a woman who faced hassault by an older man... i find the idea of being secretly in love with someone who did those to me both unrealistic and desgusting.
over a year ago chazzaf said…
@ApplePie88 That is so cute.It is kind of funny that the DE fans seem to think everything revolves around Ian and Nina or Damon and Elena.*gags*. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
over a year ago KateDenali said…
@chazzaf Lol. I don't blame him. I would have been furious too.

I find it very amusing that the two guys I know that watch TVD are Team Stelena and Team Bamon. And they don't even like Damon. Isn't that funny?
over a year ago skysamuelle said…

your poor brother! he got the full Dullena experience by pure accident, poor guy.

Can you say obsessive compulsive disorder?
over a year ago chazzaf said…
@KateDenali It is funny.To be honest I dont hate Damon but I dont love him either he has did to many evil things for me to love him. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­x
over a year ago chazzaf said…
@skysamuelle yeah my brother Antonio was overflowing with rage like a volcano.He is also a hot head LOL. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
over a year ago skysamuelle said…

yup, it's ironic and funny. I guess this is what happens when you wwatch TVD without being an hormonal teenager girl- you ship the core couples!
over a year ago KateDenali said…
Wow this has been fun. But guys I gotta go. It's 2:12 AM where I am, and I have school tomorrow... or today. Ha. Night guys! Have a wonderful day! (or whatever it is where you are).
over a year ago skysamuelle said…

i bet his rant was something hilarious... or tragic. And his name is Antonio, i'm Antonella... intalian origins in the family?
over a year ago chazzaf said…
@KateDenali Goodbye hope to see you again soon. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxx­xxx
over a year ago ItalianAngel89 said…
@skysamuelle: You have the same name as my sister.
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over a year ago ItalianAngel89 said…
@KateDenali: Goodnight (or morning LOL) :)
over a year ago chazzaf said…
@skysamuelle You have a lovely name im Chantelle im the only one out of my siblings to have a non Italian name But my Mama and Papa loved my name so much they let me have a French name.Oh and I was ranting with him me and him were having and little DE hating night and oh what a night it was LOL. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
over a year ago skysamuelle said…
Chantelle is such a beautiful name!

bye Kate!
over a year ago skysamuelle said…

i miss Bamon fanfics... where are all my Bamon favorite authors gone?

I need a What Lies Beneath update! and we have to wait MONTHS for the sequel to Tear The World Down

that's even sadder than trolls trolling on our spot damn!
over a year ago ApplePie88 said…
Wait, how did this thread turn into a easy going and nice conversation when about three pages back, we were talking about how much Dullena sucks and their fanbase consists of a bunch of Prozac-infested wackos? Lol. Did I miss something here? LP

Night, KateDenali! <3
over a year ago chazzaf said…
@skysamuelle Thanks my other two older brothers names are Alberto and Paolo my older sisters name is Rosario. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
over a year ago chazzaf said…
@ApplePie88 I will go negative.I hate those Goddamn DE fans the make my sick to the stomach If looks could those DE fans would already be dead by the way I look at their comments on my laptop screen. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxx­xxx­xxx­xxx
over a year ago skysamuelle said…
it's the chathaarthic power of ranting, eheh!
over a year ago chazzaf said…
@skysamuelle I know how you feel about the Fanfics ive been waiting for a Unspoken Connection update for ages. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
over a year ago ApplePie88 said…

“i hope that elena chooses damon , because they complete each-other”

I’m sorry, but this person is just plain ignorant. And annoying. And shallow. With a comment like this, this poster obviously has no clear argument, no depth and absolutely no logic when it comes to their comment. “I hope Elena choose Damon because they complete each other?” What kind of empty, nonsense is that. That’s not a reason, that’s stupidity. I’m sorry but I can’t stand comments like this, comments with no logic, no argument, no depth, JUST AN EMPTY COMMENT WITHOUT ANY SIGNIFICANCE. THAT is what this shit is right here. As far as I’m concerned, this person is obviously just delusional. Since when do Damon and Elena “complete” each other? I have never gone a sense of such a thing whatsoever, both in the novels or the TV series. NEWSFLASH: ELENA CAN LIVE WITHOUT DAMON. But, ELENA CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT STEFAN. She even stated this in her journal herself. If you think otherwise, you’re plain stupid. When are people like this going to realize that Stefan is the one that Elena loves? The way I see it, Elena only thinks that she loves Damon. She doesn’t love him. She’s drawn to him, there is a difference. LOVE and DRAWN are two completely different feelings and emotions. So when people keep saying that Elena loves Damon, it’s bullshit. Yes, Elena cares about Damon, but in love with him?? Give me a break. I’m sorry but chemistry and passion does not equate to true love whatsoever. If you believe such a thing, then you’re just ignorant and shallow. Damon and Elena’s relationship has always been based on all the negative elements that will never equal a successful relationship in the long-term: possessiveness, jealousy, anger, hatred, ego/selfishness. Tell me how they complete each other when there are all these negative qualities that are the primary base of their “relationship”??? It’s ridiculous. Damon and Elena complete each other nothing. Damon is the most selfish character in the book, you think he really gives a flying fuck about giving the world to Elena, like really? The answer is NO. Damon doesn’t want top protect or love Elena, he wants to POSSESS and CONTROL her. And I don’t know how people can’t see that. Damon’s kind of love consists of control and possession. Sure, maybe he’s learned a thing or two in the books but come on, Damon has a long way, and I mean a LONG way to go in terms of learning how to love someone the right way. And in my opinion, it’s most certainly not with Elena.


“I’m pumped for this, I’m on Nightfall right now and I have yet to read Shadow Souls (I’m looking forward to Shadow Souls) But if Damon/Elena aren’t the endgame and she stays with Stefan… I will stop reading the series all together. If you think Stefan is perfect for Elena you need to be brought out of your cave and back into the light that is Delena.”


Who the fuck does this person think they are? This poster seems to feel a sense of entitlement to talk for everyone within this fucking community and all they’re doing is making themselves look fuckin’ ignorant. I apologize for the cursing and I know I sound like a bitch, but comments like this bring out my Latin fire. This person is suggesting that if Delena are not the endgame of the series, then they WILL STOP READING THE SERIES ALL TOGETHER. Hahahahaha, yeah right. How many times do you hear rabid Delena fans like this one, threatening to stop reading the books if their precious Delena is not the endgame? Yeah, A LOT. People like this piss me the hell off. They feel like they have the audacity to speak over everyone else and if not everyone agrees with them, then they are deemed stupid. This person clearly likes to impose their views onto other people and likes to believe that their views are what is right. No, they are not right, they are ignorant. Because I’m not one of the many delusional people who support the over-rated ship Delena, then I must live in a cave and not see the light. And BTW, Stefan IS perfect for Elena. They MATCH each other and they are compatible. Not like a poster like this would understand the concept of compatibility to begin with, they are much too fuckin’ ignorant. So stupid. FAIL.


“I totaly agree with all the Delena fans!!! They’re so perfect for each other! I like Stefan and all and Damon has done some pretty douchey things but he stills needs to be with Elena! I CAN’T WAIT FOR MIDNIGHT!”


First off, this person starts off by staying he/she agrees with all Delena fans. OTT bias right there. And then this person stupidly says that they are perfect for each other. But the problem is, this person doesn’t state why they would be or are perfect for each other. There is no sense of depth or argument whatsoever. Then this person says that they like Stefan (yeah right). Whenever a Delena fan says that they like Stefan, they are clearly just trying to cover their asses. Because as far as I’m concerned, most Delena fans don’t like Stefan. In fact, most of the Delena fans wish Stefan was killed off or would get the fuck out of the way so that Damon can go ahead and possess Princess Elena. This person likes Stefan my ass. To me, this kind of comment from a Delena fan only means that they are trying to cover their ass as an in the closet Stefan hater. But you see, the truth is, that many Stefan fans actually genuinely like Damon, despite the crazy shit that he’s done yet, many Damon/Delena fans repeatedly like to resort to bashing Stefan and Stelena as much as they can. So, I’m the first to admit that I don’t believe any Delena fan when they say that they actually like Stefan. I mean, I know there are some Damon/Delena fans who like Stefan but IMO, it seems to be so rare. What’s funny is that this person says that they like Stefan and all but then they go on to say that Damon has done some pretty douchey things. “Some douchey things”??? Seriously? Just some douchey things??? More like A LOT of douchey things and douchey wouldn’t be the correct word to describe the kinds of things that Damon has done. Then finally, this person like to say that Damon NEEDS to be with Elena. Damon needs Elena? Since when? This person is so incredibly delusional and obviously knows nothing about the character of Damon Salvatore to begin with. Damon doesn’t NEED. Damon WANTS. He wants to control things, possess, THAT is his character. And if anyone else things otherwise, or even thinks that the character of Damon is selfless, then they clearly don’t understand the concept of his character in the first place, which is exactly what the poster of this comment doesn’t understand whatsoever. FAIL.


“Stelena is hardly fair for Damon’s sake either. Especially considering he has a history of women choosing his brother over him.”


Well, that may be true that Damon has a history of women choosing his brother over him. And you wanna know why that is so? Because Damon keeps chasing the women who happen to show interest in his brother FIRST. Take Katherine for instance, both in the novels and the TV show. Who met Katherine first again? Oh yeah, that’s right, STEFAN. Katherine met Stefan first and Katherine fell in love with Stefan first and Stefan fell in love with Katherine first. In the novels, Stefan and Katherine were so incredibly close before Damon came into the picture, that both of their fathers had discussed marriage. But then Damon came along and tried to take that away by trying to charm Katherine, same with the TV series. But in The Fury, Katherine revealed that she always loved Stefan much more then Damon and on the TV series, Katherine said that she never loved Damon but she had always loved Stefan. With Katherine, STEFAN WAS ALWAYS HER FIRST CHOICE. And now, we have history repeating itself with Elena. Same ol’ triangle, same old deja vu. But let’s face it, even though there “appears” to be a love triangle in the series, I have never really seen the love triangle to begin with. Because from what I have read throughout the course of the series is about how much Elena loves Stefan and how he is the only one for her. I have never really seen Elena really be so extremely “torn” between Damon and Stefan. STEFAN IS ALWAYS GOING TO BE ELENA’S FIRST CHOICE. It’s not Stefan’s fault why the girls happen to choose him over Damon, it’s Damon’s fault and Damon’s fault alone. Damon needs to stop chasing after girls who like Stefan FIRST. Damon is 2nd choice BECAUSE HE MAKES HIMSELF 2ND CHOICE. It is not Stefan’s fault for that. Damon is responsible for his own decisions and his own actions and Stefan should be in no way held accountable for whatever Damon happens to do, whether it is responsible or irresponsible. So this person’a comment really makes no significant sense whatsoever.




This comment isn’t even worth a response. It’s so fucking ridiculous that I can’t even comment on it.


“Bonnie is too short to be with Damon.”


Wow, how shallow can one person be? So how tall someone is or their height constitutes whether or not too people should be together? That is the most stupidest thing I have ever heard of. Things like hair colour, eye colour, height and race should have absolutely NO INFLUENCE on whether two people should be in a relationship together. If people, like this one poster, really believe that any of the above, which are shallow reasons I might add, should have any influence over whether two people should be together, then they are just plain dumb and ignorant. And last time I checked, Damon is not fucking Kobe Bryant in the first place. NEWSFLASH: DAMON IS NOT TALL! And even Damon himself said he doesn’t care for the tall girls. He likes petite and small girls like Bonnie. But then again, this is just another one of the lame excuses in which some people like to use in order to put down the Bamon relationship. -Makes a buzzer sound- EPIC FAIL. RANT OVER.
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over a year ago ItalianAngel89 said…
Stupid commment is stupid.
over a year ago skysamuelle said…
but to get negative and violent i can say: if i read one person more callind DE Twin Flames, i'll flame alive every DE present.

1)it's very, very far from truth.
2) it's insulting to those of us who have spent their time studying this concept long time before DE came along, in a seriois, spiritual way.

Labeling DE as Twin Flames is like labeling toiler paper as diamonds.

WOW, I think this is the meanest thing i've ever said on fandom.

Naturally, i would not sink to flame a stupid or smart person for real, and especially not over a tv show.

I reserve this level of low for fanatics...
over a year ago chazzaf said…
@ApplePie88 This is living proof that DE fans are shallow brainless delusional bullies. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
over a year ago chazzaf said…
@skysamuelle dont worry I know how you feel I think if I actually met one of the nasty DE fans I probably would end up in jail.That is how much I hate their Bamon hating guts. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx